5 Tips on How to Apply Acrylic Nail

acrylic nail tips with designs

This article will teach you the proper application of acrylic nail tips. At first, you will find the process difficult but with a little practice and patience you will soon learn the art properly. If on your first try, it takes you 3 hours to do it, after constant practice you will accomplish a full set in an hour and a half.

With this you can earn some money while you try the art on some friends or you may save money by doing it to yourself. You simply need to have the following things ready: acrylic clipper; nail files and white filing block; acetone; non-acetone nail polish remover; liquid acrylic; powdered acrylic (white and clear); artificial nail tips; acrylic brush for applying the acrylic to your nail; dampened dish for the acrylic liquid; nail oil for moisturizing your nail after applying the acrylic nail

acrylic nail tips

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Acrylic Nail Tutorial – How To Apply Acrylic For Beginners

Tip # 1 – How to Apply Acrylic Nail Tips Preparation

File down the natural nail to become short, then push the cuticles back. Use non-acetone nail polish remover to remove previous nail polish and acrylic. Buff off the entire nail with the use of white filing block to make it a little rough.

Tip # 2 – How to Apply Acrylic Nail Tips and Match Your Own Nails

Since both natural nails and acrylic nails have different sizes and shapes, try to pick the acrylic nail that matches closely to the natural nail. If they don’t exactly fit, file them down to get the exact shape and size. Arrange the acrylic nail tips on your work station in an order that you know which nail they are opt to.

Tip # 3 – How to Apply Acrylic Nail Tips Using Glue

Put a small amount of glue at the tip of your nail. Wipe out any excess glue with tissue. Prepare a bowl of acetone to soak any misplace tip and start again. You can now place the artificial nail tip to the smile line of the natural nail. Position it until the indentation hits the natural nail. Just keep on holding until the glue sets. Be sure that no air bubbles form under the tips because these cause fungal infection and weaken the nail. In case that there are bubbles formed, remove the tip and repeat the procedure and reapply. Use a nail clipper to adjust the length that suits you. Then file the acrylic nail to shape.

Tip # 4 – How to Apply Acrylic Nail Tips Using Clear Acrylic

Dip your brush into the acrylic liquid first before dipping it to the clear acrylic powder. Trail the product ball along the powder as soon as the ball has formed. Place the product ball to the center of the nail but be sure not to touch the cuticle. Repeat the procedure but this time place the ball to the cuticle area without touching the cuticle because this may weaken the nail and cause it to lift.

Tip # 5 – Finish Off

It takes about ten minutes for the acrylic to set and dry, so by the time you are done with both hands, you can go back to the first finger nail you applied and can start to file the acrylic. Use the grit nail file to take any bumps out and shape them so that they will look like natural nails. You can now wash your hands to remove any dust and filings left. Apply cuticle oil to finish and make use of your three-way buffer to make it shine. Cuticle oil should be applied daily to make the acrylic flexible and to decrease crack appearance.

These tips, when followed to the β€œT” will make you successful in applying acrylic nail tips. The process requires patience but will soon payoff in no time.

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