The Best Products for Toenail and Foot Fungus 2022

Shockingly Effective Nail Fungus Treatments That Get Rid of Your Fungus By Summer (Found Online)

After several years of trying nail-fungus treatments, I realized that there are only a handful of treatments available that work.

The effectiveness of natural cures to remove nails, when combined with OTC creams to get rid of fungal infections has proven effective for me and my dad.

In this article, we’ll discuss what my dad and I did to rid ourselves of toenail fungus!

1. Funginix Maximum Strength (Most Effective)


  • Maximum strength
  • Utilizes Undecylenic Acid is great for nail fungus as well as other fungal infections.
  • It contains organic essential oils
  • The fungus is that is caused by Candida Albicans
  • Easy to apply with the included brush
  • FDA Approved
  • 90 Day money-back guarantee
  • Viscosity is thicker allows for better absorption into nails

This is among those products that is extremely efficient and reliable in treating nail fungus. Funginix performed admirably in launching the MAXIMUM Strength product that is able to eliminate the most difficult fungus. It makes use of a powerful mix of undecylenic acids and essential oils.

This product is designed for people with moderate to serious nail fungal infections.

The product was able to earn the top place due to the fact that it treated my friend’s fungus which was one of the worst fungal infections I’ve ever encountered. His nails were curving upwards and were yellow, brittle, and frightening to look at.

Furthermore, the science and research that supports the chemicals utilized in this product is remarkable.

The product’s description:

As mentioned the product is undecylenic acids that have been approved by FDA and essential oils made from organic sources like lavender oil the tea tree oil as well as jasmine oil.

Essential oils are excellent to fight fungus, but let’s focus on the features that make this product distinctive and different from other products that are undecylenic acids.

Undecylenic Acid has been scientifically proved to be among the most efficient and effective substances for killing fungi. It kills the fungus before preventing any growth of nail fungus.

A 2008 study published in a peer-reviewed journal by Foot & Ankle Specialist found in the 154 patient study, that undecylenic acid, the active ingredient in Funginix, eradicated fungus in 100% of patients with mild fungal infections.

So not only is Funginix powerful but its also easy to use and quick to apply. It comes with an applicator brush which will allow you to apply the product in just minutes. Results tend to come within two weeks of use.

The only issue I encountered with this product was it’s the 30ml/1oz. a bottle that can go out very quickly in the event of an infection that is severe. But knowing that this drug has been proven clinically effective can be worth it, and gave me the reason to use it for a long time. VIEW PRICING ON AMAZON

2. Zane Hellas (Best Value)


  • Simple to apply
  • All organic herbal components
  • Most nail fungal infections occur last.
  • Eliminates 99.9 percent of fungus in just 4 weeks
  • Clinically Proven
  • Includes a brush for use

This is among my favorite products that I’ve been using regularly to rid myself of the fungus permanently. The greatest benefit of this item is it offers the greatest bang to your budget!!

Personally, I would say this is the only product I would recommend to anyone suffering from nail fungus as it does the job. I’ve tried at-home solutions, prescriptions, as well as other OTC products, such as sprays, and that’s what I believe is what I call the “silver bullet” I was searching for.

My nails were completely covered by fungus. My nails appeared yellow and white. After a few weeks, my nails appeared healthier and healthier, after the fungus had gone.

For more information about this particular product, I wrote an in-depth review and discovered some surprising results.

Now, let us get into the product:

Zane Hellas Fungus Stop is an organic blend of ingredients that include carvacrol, vitamin C as well as vitamin E.

The applicator is a must for busy people. application tool that is easy to use since it includes a brush that can apply the formula to your nails and it only needs to be used every day.

People who are looking to take a natural holistic and organic approach are going to appreciate this natural combination of ingredients like Oregano or Avocado Oil.

This combination of natural essential oils and vitamins is perfect for mild or extreme cases of fungal infections.

The natural mix of essential oils will penetrate your nails and remove the fungus that is a problem under the nails. However, it can be effective for smaller issues, which is ideal for those who want to achieve beautiful nails quickly.

One thing I’ve noticed in the scent is it has a distinct and distinctive scent however since it is usually used early in the morning and later at night, it’s not an enormous mistake. VIEW PRICING ON AMAZON

3. Purely Northwest’s Anti-fungal Tea Tree Oil Wash (Great for Athlete’s Foot)


  • It can be used for the entire body
  • Great scent
  • Treats jock and athlete’s foot. Itches
  • It can be used to treat acne.

Purely Northwest’s Anti-Fungal Tree Oil Wash is a sour and floral scent. It makes a lot of bubbles, which are good to apply lather.

If you suffer from an athlete’s foot or toenail fungus will be delighted with this product. Tea tree oil contains natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial qualities that can kill the fungus fast.

This product can also ease itching that is caused by fungal infections.

Dry, dead skin on your bottom feet will be removed when you mix the soap and a pumice stone that will remove all dead skin cells to provide you with fresh, healthy feet.

Have I mentioned that this could be applied to the entire body?


4. Purely Northwest’s Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak


  • Soothes and heals feet
  • Softens and removes dead skin cells.
  • Fixes cracked skin
  • It smells wonderful.

The same company that developed an incredible anti-fungal shampoo also created an incredible bath for feet.

This foot soak is a blend of Epsom salts with Australian tea tree oils along with other essential oils to create an energizing blend.

If you are looking to unwind and relax and take care of a foot fungal infection, this product is for you.

If you’re very professional, you might prefer an alternative as these soaks must be done every day at least to ensure effectiveness. The process takes approximately 10-15 minutes.

These soaks will help soften fungus-infected nails which makes them less difficult to clip. They as well, they soften the skin to make it easier to get rid of.

The foot bath that has antibacterial benefits is beneficial because it is able to reach areas that you would not be able to access with oil or ointments.

Make sure you rehydrate your skin using an anti-fungal moisturizer after you have used this product, to ensure that your outcomes will be the best possible. VIEW PRICING ON AMAZON

5. Tolnaftate Ointment (Effective for Athlete’s Foot)

  • Pack of 6
  • Comparable to Tinactin
  • It helps relieve itching
  • This treatment is also effective for other fungal infections such as jockitch.


  • Six tubes in a pack (doesn’t expire quickly)
  • Simple to use, similar to lotion
  • It is effective in treating fungus on the nail and skin

One of the most appealing aspects is the fact this cream is available in packs of six, which will more than suffice for treating toenail fungus. You can also keep some for later usage.

Some users report no outcomes from this product, whereas others have reported huge success. I’ve seen great results with this product personally, so I highly recommend it, however, it’s a risk for certain.

To be totally transparent There aren’t any guarantees with this. However, that shouldn’t stop you from giving it a shot. It’s the same as trying to find the right face wash to work for what type of skin.

The plastic tubing can be used to take every ounce out, without having to dispose of it after it has run out.

If you’ve tried prescription ointments as well as similar OTC creams, you’ll need to give this an attempt before you decide to quit. The ointment is more effective than other products prescribed by your doctor.

This is an excellent alternative to the name brands you can purchase at the local drugstore.

If you’re feeling like you’ve tried a variety of OTC products but to results, you should go with this one. I think it’s better than most of the other ointments as well as sprays. VIEW PRICING ON AMAZON


Biotin for Toenail Fungus (Grows Nails Faster)

  • Encourages skin and nail growth
  • Can you fix nail irregularities
  • Coconut oil is cold-pressed and organically produced.

I believe we all can be in agreement about that it’s important to get vitamins to aid your body’s healing process.

Biotin is a great treatment for nail fungal growth, not just because it stops the growth of fungus, but because it promotes healthier nails, hair, and skin.

If your toenails are only growing 1.6 millimeters per month, you’ll require every assistance you will receive.

This is one I prefer which I love because it is made of natural cold-pressed coconut oil. Additionally, the pills are tiny and very easy to swallow.

If you notice nail irregularities, suggests that it may mean that it’s because you “have a Biotin deficiency”.

Additionally the quicker your nails grow when you treat them, the more quickly you will be able to replace the nails that are afflicted by fungus.


Foot Powder

  • Keeps feet dry
  • Reduces the smell
  • Easy-to-use

The most significant factor in eliminating fungus from your toes or feet can be the level of moisture that your feet are exposed to.

The humidity in your shoes can be an ideal environment for the growth of mold and bacteria.

One solution could be to use powder for feet.

This is perfect for people with feet who are usually sweaty and stinky.


The Causes of Toenail Fungus

Do you have yellow or discolored toenails? If so, there are many possible causes for why it is happening.

One of the most frequent causes of toenails that are yellow is onychomycosis. This is the medical scientific term used for the fungus of the toenail. About 15 percent of the population suffers from it. So do not worry, you’re not the only one.

As we age, we are more prone to contracting an infection in the nail due to the lack of circulation. Additionally, males are more at risk of getting a nail fungal infection than females.

The most common fungi that affect nails are candida and dermatophytes.

Candida prefers humid, tropical, and hot environments, while dermatophytes prefer colder climates.

Some of the most significant causes of toenail fungus include:

* Infected with athlete’s foot

• Living in a humid and hot climate

* Wearing footwear that is not ventilated enough.

* Walking barefoot in moist public spaces like public showers, pools, or even public pools.

* Socks that don’t absorb sweat

* Poor blood circulation

* Diabetes

* A weak immune system

How Fungus Impacts Health

Most of the time, when you have an infection of your toenail, you will not feel any discomfort or pain.

If left untreated, the fungus may develop into a severe infection that could cause pain and discomfort within the nail bed, and cutting nails. The nail bed can be inflamed and painful when left untreated.

In time, the nail will be completely discolored and start to grow thicker.

The thickness starts to build up and then the nail gets fragile and begins to break away. It could cause a complete deterioration of your toenail, which can increase the risk of infections and injuries to your toes.

In some instances, the skin that surrounds the nail may become dry and flaky, and then starts to release odor in the absence of treatment.

The mentioned side effects may appear minor, but they could also cause psychological damage in addition.

This is due to an appearance that resembles a complete toenail covered by the fungus. The fungus may be spread to fingernails that cannot be concealed as easily as the toes.

People who have infected or gross nails are less social and more outgoing in social situations. I personally know this. There’s nothing more frustrating than being unable to relax in your hot tub due to the anxiety that surrounds your feet.

My Story – The Initial Diagnosis

The image to right is what my feet and toes are like after many years of disregarding the fungus. My feet’s skin was very dry, cracked, and thick in certain areas. The nails on my feet were very dry and discolored, with some thicker than other nails. They not only looked terrible, but they also smelled horrible.

I’ll never forget the day my visit to the water park and ended up swimming all day long at an acquaintance’s home. I came out to dry my feet and his dog came up to me. The dog started sniffing my feet and putting his head in the middle of my foot! In the beginning, I wasn’t sure what was going on until I realized that it was smelling between my toes, where the fungus was. I was shocked.

How I got Athlete’s Foot


It began my first year on the high school team. My feet were very itchy and they told me I had feet that resembled athletes. It didn’t really bother me so I decided to not take action and let it go. I was really sorry for this.

After six years of not being treated for them and feeling uncomfortable taking off my sneakers, I made the decision to see my doctor. He was looking at them for approximately 2 seconds before stating: “Yep you have athlete’s foot”. After waiting for an hour to receive this diagnosis in five seconds I was angry. However, he did give me an order for clotrimazole cream. I was given 3 tubes that were sufficient to treat my condition to the extent that it is. I asked for more but only received two tubes. While I was able to see improvement but it wasn’t enough to completely eliminate it. The fungus then came back and it was even more ferocious…

It was a terrible time as I was preparing to move into a new residence close to the beach. I made new friends however, my friends are fond of swimming and visiting the beach to socialize. I would love to go, but even when I go I put my shoes on since the nails look disgusting. I hate when people ask me, “Why are you wearing your shoes?” or “Why do you always wear socks?”. As I moved in the area, I completely ignored my fungus for a couple of months. It came back even worse.

After the experiences and mishaps with foot fungus, I made the decision to experiment with a different type treatments for the toenail fungus. A few months ago, I attempted treating my foot fungus with a different method. In ways that medical professionals, as well as podiatrists, are likely to disagree with. I’ll go over the things I did in this post.

Other Treatment Methods

There are many various treatments for toenail fungus on the web. Pages just like mine. However, what the others will not tell you is the information that can actually help you save cash and work!

Laser Treatments

laser-treatment-150x150One of the most advanced treatments available that are available for treating toenail fungal infection is laser treatment. Laser treatments employ lasers that heat nails and the nail bed up to 140degF (60degC) and destroy the fungal growth.

Prior to the procedure, the podiatrist might prescribe a urea cream to soften the nail to boost the efficiency of lasers. The doctor can cut your nails or grind them down so that your lasers are able to reach the fungal growth.

Laser therapy isn’t 100% efficient, however, it does not produce the harmful side effects associated with oral medication. Laser treatment will not harm your liver the way prescription medications do.

Unfortunately, one treatment using lasers costs between $800 and $1000 and is not usually insured by insurance. In addition depending on the seriousness of your fungal illness, it might require more than one or two sessions. The money you pay for it will be paid out of your own budget if insurance doesn’t provide coverage.

While the lasers are made to kill the fungus you’ll still need to wait for your new nail to develop which can take from 5 to 6 months. While waiting the fungus is at risk of recurring. possibility of becoming infected again after coming in contact with showers, shoes, or other items which still carry the fungus.

Finally, this type of treatment doesn’t have any significant adverse effects, but it can be uncomfortable. Patients report that they have to rest between getting their toes struck. The pain they experience is similar to “zingers” received during laser teeth bleaching. This isn’t something you can do on your own therefore it is recommended to use a pain reliever 30 minutes prior to the treatment. Talk to a doctor before you start.

Prescription Medications

toefungusoralOral medicines were once a common treatment for nail fungus. However, the common misconception about them is that they’re considered to be the “silver bullet” for nail fungus, but this isn’t the reality. In addition, the fact that these drugs are difficult on your liver because of their power.

Other side effects are headaches and symptoms of irritation to the skin and stomach. Because they can be exhausting on the liver and blood, tests are needed prior to, during, and following your medication cycle.

These kinds that are oral prescribed are made by your physician. They are usually prescribed between 6 weeks to four months, depending on the frequency of your regular or daily tablets. A liver function test is likely to be conducted to ensure that there is no damage following the time your medication is finished.

Warning: Do not drink any kind of alcohol when you’re taking anti-fungal oral medications. Your liver is able to handle the prescription medication. Adding alcohol to the mix could be extremely detrimental to your liver, and may even be fatal. If you are a drinker We suggest an alternative treatment.

Home Remedies

home-remediesDuring the six-year period of nail fungus, I tried a variety of different remedies at home.

I tried Vick’s Vapor rubs, soaks in vinegar as well as bleach baths. I noticed some improvements in the fungus that was on my feet, but not on my toes.

It doesn’t mean that home remedies aren’t working. Simply, it means that they weren’t working for me. Some people are successful with at-home remedies, but I didn’t have it.

Learn more about at-home remedies to treat nail fungus.

Natural Treatments

In the last decade, natural remedies are becoming more popular for dealing with illnesses. Since they’re natural, they are not prone to any adverse effects that are attributed to these treatments.

People love them. They are extremely happy with them since they can be done at home on their own schedule. When people think of natural methods, they often believe that they will require more time.

However, in certain cases that nail fungus is a problem, organic remedies were more effective than other treatments.

A very popular way to treat natural diseases is by applying essential oils directly to the area that is infected.

The most well-known oils include Manuka oil, tea tree oil as well as coconut oil. These oils are anti-fungal and can eliminate fungus quickly and without effort.

Learn more information about the natural cures for fungus that affects your toenails..

OTC Treatments

Topical creams, sprays, and gels are affordable and simple to use. They can also be applied at home and allow users to apply them at times that are suitable. Make use of them every day, many times per day, to get the most effective results.

OTC creams are cheaper than prescription medications or laser treatments and don’t cause any severe negative side negative effects. Creams soften nails and remove the ugly areas of your nail. This allows you to see improvements quickly.

In contrast to laser treatment which only kills the fungus, and after that you wait for your nail to heal to determine if the procedure was effective or not.

The topical treatment is the most effective option when it comes to effectiveness as well as the cost of treatment. If you’ve been applying topical treatments for six months and have not seen any improvement, then visiting an expert and trying more radical treatments like laser therapy is a good idea.

Fungus may infiltrate nails and the matrix so the use of a laser along with an application of cream on the skin could help eliminate the fungi.

One thing I’d like to emphasize is that to see these treatments succeed it is essential to remain consistent. Don’t miss even a single day. It’s worth it because in a couple of weeks, time will go by and you’ll notice a significant improvement.

img_6855I’ve personally felt the power of OTC creams as well as natural remedies for myself and my dad. We both experienced pain and I’d like to help others with the information and value of toenail fungus as I’ve seen how difficult it is to suffer from it.

Ultimate Nail Fungus Treatment – Not for Everyone

The two options I’ve described aren’t appropriate for all. While the treatment is simple, they’re not for everyone.

The idea application of a substance to nail every day for a couple of months is easy. It’s not an easy task however, it’s simple.

Most importantly, it’s because it’s consistent. Nobody wants to spend 10 minutes of their day working on something which they’re not getting immediate results from.

What typically happens. The person purchases the treatment, and then tries it for a couple of weeks before seeing no changes to his nail. Be assured you’re not alone. I’ve been there too. However, I came to a realization after suffering from toenail fungus over the last six years.

It was clear that, if would like to notice changes in my nails, I would be waiting. The fungus that causes your nails can take a long time to heal because the toenails are growing so slowly. On average a toenail grows 1.6 mm per month. It is based on several factors like age and physical exercise.

Try to be patient when you follow the steps given below. While I and my parents might have seen faster results, it isn’t a sign that we were doing anything different. It simply means that we may have been more active or simply experienced a less severe case of fungus(which I doubt).).

What You Will Need

After I was diagnosed with toenail fungus, it became apparent that I would require all the assistance I could get. In order to fight this, I would have to use every tool I had that I had at my disposal and employ them on a regular basis.

So, I bought a variety of tools but came up with only the most basic. I do not want you to invest your money in useless items which is why I narrowed the list down to just the tools that helped me treat the nail fungal infection.

Toenail/Ingrown Nail – Professional ClippersThese are best suited for those who have thick nails or nails that are ingrown.
BiotinA supplement to increase the growth of skin and nails. It is essential to accelerate the healing of the fungus on your toenails.
Natural Anti-Fungal Foot lotionEffective in stopping the spread of fungal infections and keeping feet moist.
Electronic Callus RemoverIf your athlete’s foot has developed the formation of calluses that are on the feet, then an electronic callus remover is suggested.
Cuticle PusherExcellent for scraping off the fungus and bringing the creams and oils deep into the nail.
Pumice StoneIf you suffer from foot problems, pumice stones can help remove the dry, cracked skin on your foot’s soles.
Nail ClippersNail clippers are essential as one has to
Foot PowderThis is a great way to avoid sweaty, sweaty feet which can cause fungus. Additionally, it makes feet smell better after a day of work.

Toenail Clippers You’re probably aware of this, but you’ll be amazed by the number of people I meet who have toenail fungus but did not have the right clippers. Be sure to use them correctly in trimming the nails. Make sure you cut as deep as you can in order to stimulate growth and allow creams and oils to be able to penetrate into the fungus. If you’re unsure of how to cut your toenails I wrote an article to aid you.

Cuticle Pusher for the longest time I didn’t know the name of this device. However, I did use it to remove the fungus and break up my nail. I had a few sections on my nail that appeared very thick. I employed the cuticle pusher in order to cut off some of the bulk of my nail.

Nail File A nail file is necessary to rough out the nails. This allows the oils and creams used in your treatment to penetrate the fungus.

Pumice Stone It’s not necessary, but it can be helpful if you have a fungus that is present on your foot’s soles. I’m aware that my fungus is responsible for dry and thick skin in certain areas. It is great to rid of dead skin and to get healthier-looking feet.

Recommended Products for Toenail Fungus

NameTreatment Type
Purely Northwest’s Foot SoakNatural At-Home Treatment
BiotinNail Supplement
Anti-Fungal LotionPreventative/Moisturizer
Anti-fungal foot washNatural at-home
Foot PowderPreventative
TolnaftateAt-home OTC Cream
Manuka OilNatural at-home
Zane Hellas Natural Fungal TreatmentNatural at-home

I’ve also been told about the manuka oils that is believed to be more potent than tea tree oils. I’ve not used manuka oil, but the reviews are fantastic. With so many people saying wonderful things about it I decided it was good enough to be included on the list. The article I wrote was on natural solutions for toenail fungus should you be interested in learning more. If you click the link for the manuka oil you will be able to look through some of the reviews individuals have left about the product. Check out what other customers have been saying, a lot of them are saying it’s an amazing cure for their toenail fungus.

Anti-fungal Foot Cream Anti-fungal Foot LotionThe thing about fungus is that it can cause to dry your feet. I had been using cocoa butter which is great to keep my feet hydrated, but I wanted something with anti-fungal properties. This product is ideal for making sure that the fungus won’t return. It’s similar to buying insurance against nail fungus. Its consistency is can be compared to balm. It’s also natural and what you’re putting on your skin is highly effective and potent.

The Bottom Line

The truth is that nobody can cure your fungus on your behalf. Not me and neither your grandparents and certainly not your friends. It is up to YOU.

Are you an action-oriented person or do you let life take over? Make yourself an action-oriented person. Nail fungus is a part of your daily life.

I’m sure you’ve felt the pain when you turn down invitations to go to the beach, putting your socks on for hours and then feeling awful over your shoes. I’m not able to count the number of lakes days/beach days/pool days I’ve turned down in the last six years.

All I can say is that I’m happy I took the initiative. It was a long process, but it was well worth it. I remember as a child not feeling ashamed of my feet but just a few years ago, you could not convince me to remove my socks before my friend.

Toenail fungal infection is that it will not improve by itself. Refusing to treat it makes the fungus larger and spreads further. Not treating it today, it makes it more difficult to treat it in the future. If you don’t treat it right away, you’ll be living with it for the rest of your life.

So, do you want to be suffering from toenail fungus for the remainder of the time? Or do you want to start taking action now?