Best way to prevent hangnails from occurring

How to Safely Handle Hangnails

What exactly is a Hangnail?

This question has been asked more than once, but surprisingly few people have any answers. A hangnail (also called a thimble nail or pin), is a skin growth on the underside of a human nail that appears as a thick, flesh-colored strand protruding from the nail bed. It grows outward and separates from the nail bed as a separate, complete nail.

What makes a hangnail painful?

Most people aren’t aware that an infected hangnail can be very painful! The reason it can be so painful is that the entire nail is exposed to the air, which can cause it to become dry, flaky, and sensitive. This means applying the ointment directly to the hangnail can be quite painful, especially for someone who is not used to applying ointments to their skin.

While some people are comfortable with applying creams directly to the infected area, many others are more comfortable consulting a licensed dermatologist who specializes in what is a Hangnail. According to dermatologist Joyce Wells, MS, “Hangnails can be very embarrassing for the person suffering from them.” Fortunately, dermatologists have recently developed special solutions that make it possible to safely and easily soften a hangnail. According to manicurist John Smith, PhD, “Most people with a hangnail are not too worried about it, but those with severe cases should consult a dermatologist who can suggest solutions that will help them get rid of the problem.”

How to stop hangnails?

How to stop Hangnails can be one of those medical questions that if you do not have the answers can easily become a burden. The question usually revolves around how to cure a fungal infection that can affect your toenail. In some cases, the infection can spread from one to another toe and become a bigger problem. Here we are going to look at how to stop Hangnails in the most simple way possible.

How to Safely Handle Hangnails

The best way to prevent hangnails from occurring in the first place is to get rid of the possible causes. This is why it is so important to know the root cause, in the beginning, to begin with. If a person has a tendency to pick their toe or two and exposing their nails to water or excessively dry skin, then special attention must be taken to avoid this or else the nails must be properly taken care of. Dry skin and water are two main factors that make a person more likely to develop nail fungus.

Toenails that are exposed to these elements will dry out and turn yellow. They will also become brittle because they will be constantly rubbing against furniture or whatever they happen to land on. When people go to the doctor, they are told to get rid of the dry skin and take special care to keep the nails healthy. If they fail to do this, the fungus will continue to spread. So, how to stop hangnails can be one of the most important questions people need to know.