How Contagious is Toenail Fungus

5 Surprising Ways Toenail Fungus Can Be Spread

Toenail fungus can be extremely infectious.

Since it’s contagious, it is essential to take appropriate precautions in keeping yourself safe from those who are affected and ensure that you do not spread it to other people.

Here are a few ways to prevent spreading toenail fungus to toes and even people.

One of the most effective methods of protecting yourself from other diseases is to treat your nail fungus.

How You May Have Gotten Toe Fungus

  1. Public Showers
  2. Your Nail Salon
  3. Not Using Foot Powder
  4. Not Wearing Breathable Shoes
  5. Not Cleaning Your Shower

How Do You protect yourself From Toenail Fuzz?

When it comes to the spreading the disease among others, the most frequent locations to contract it is in nail salons, as well as public showers.

Wear Flip Flops in Showers

In showers in public places like camping facilities or gyms, it is essential to be protected from getting in contact with others with fungal infections.

If you suffer from foot fungus, it’s recommended to wear flip-flops while showering at home to avoid transmission.

For example when a person suffering from foot fungus is showering in a public place in a hot, humid area, it creates a source of food for bacteria, which permits the fungus to flourish.

As public showers are generally only cleaned every day, it’s important to take precautions to safeguard yourself. This can be accomplished by wearing flip-flops in showers to ensure that you do not get in contact with any existing fungus.

Use an Anti-Fungal Wash

The best method to stop yourself from developing fungal infections on your toes or feet aside from keeping away from contact with fungi to purchase an anti-fungal soap.

Anti-fungal soaps can serve as an additional barrier eliminating the bacteria your feet come into contact with every day.

This kind of soap will aid in keeping feet free of the fungus even if you took a dirty shower.

Additionally, an anti-fungal cleanser is multi-functional and can be utilized for a variety of fungal ailments like jockitch, and so on.

One I personally use is a specific mixture of tea tree oil that has potent anti-fungal properties.

Inquire at Nail Salons

If someone with an infection caused by fungus comes in to have a nail treatment and the instruments aren’t correctly sterilized after each session, it is possible for the infection to be transmitted to other patients.

To ensure your safety, it’s essential to inquire with the nail salon you visit about their sterilization methods.

Keep Feet Dry – Foot Powder!

The most frequent way people suffer from toenail infections is to get athlete’s foot as a result of exercising, humid conditions such as showers in public areas or public swimming pools.

The majority of people get athlete’s foot when walking in public spaces as well as from working out a lot, which results in sweaty, dry feet.

If your socks are wet during the day, it is advised to take off your socks and dry your feet and then change your socks.

If you are having trouble maintaining your feet’s dryness due to sweat, purchasing the powder for your feet and shoes that breathe is advised.

Shoes that breathe

As previously mentioned, fungus likes to spread its spores in areas that are humid, damp, and warm.

A very frequent place with this type of setting is wearing shoes that are not breathable.

Shoes with excellent air circulation can allow your feet to remain cool and dry, which will stop the spread of toe fungus.

This is a great pair of sneakers that are comfortable and breathable. Some alternatives are open-toed shoes such as Crocs, flip-flops, and many others such as Nike.

Bleach Your Shower

It can be found within the surroundings, like in public showers, but also within your own shower.

It is vital to clean your shower every day so that the mold doesn’t persist to afflict you or the other members of your household.

Regularly cleaning your shower with bleach and disinfectant can eliminate the fungus that is present in your showers.

This is a great solution for those who share showers or are unsure of the source of their fungus is coming from.

How to protect others from Fungus

The best way to stop others from contracting your fungal infection is to take good care of yourself.

It can be done in many methods, including DIY treatments, natural treatments, OTC treatments, and more.

One of the most effective methods I discovered to treat the fungal infection in my toenails was to use Zane Hellas, Tolnaftate along with Purely Northwest’s Anti-fungal shampoo.

These products will get rid of the fungus, which means you and your children do not be affected by it.

When left to rot…

If not treated, the athlete’s foot rapidly transforms into a fungus of the toenails. Based on my own experience, I let my athlete’s foot untreated after I got it through football and it quickly grew into a toenail fungus. It affected 9 out of 10 of my 10-year-olds, and years of embarrassment.

Usually, the athlete’s foot spreads across the feet’s soles to between your toes, and ultimately “jumps” to your toes.

Typically the “jump” for toe to foot is more prevalent when you are playing sports like basketball football, baseball, soccer or football. The constant friction generated by the stop and start motions can cause the feet to slip into the shoe.

Also, injuries to your toes due to events like having your feet stepped on or having something fall on them increases the chance of infection to be higher due to the stress on your toes.

A lot of people don’t recognize they are suffering from fungal disease or simply ignore it. The fungus might be visible as a tiny patch of discoloration on the surface of one of your nails. It is typically either yellow or white. A lot of people try to disguise the discoloration as a bruise or a bruise, but the fungus begins to take to the nail and makes it more thick and brittle.

As mentioned, once you’ve got a toenail or foot is more likely for it to be transferred from one on the other or even to your other foot. The transmission could be via ordinary items like shoes or socks.

Simply washing your socks is not enough to prevent this You must eliminate the bacteria that are present. This could mean the soak of your socks in bleach or eucalyptus oil prior washing or switching to using anti-fungal and antibacterial washing powder.

Treat Foot Fungus ASAP!

The immediate treatment of a fungal infection is the most effective way to treat it and avoid further spread of the infection to you or others in your household.

In my website, you will find a wide range of solutions at home to eliminate the fungus as well as details on the most reliable methods to cure nail fungus in the toes.

After having toenail fungus since more than six years, I’ve used a variety of different methods and my experiences of them is documented on the main page.

I’ve tried many at-home treatments, as well as treatments prescribed by my physician, and realized that the best method to treat it was to combine items.

This mixture consists of an organic foot cleanser, Zane Hellas, and tolnaftate cream.