How To Cure Toenail Fungus With Almond Oil?

Almond oil is anessential oil commonly used in beauty and skin care products as well as in aromatherapy. It is also an essential oil that can be used for curing toenail fungus, a common infection many people have, but which is tricky to treat because the fungus is hard to reach in the nail bed under the nail. Almond oil is what is termed a carrier oil meaning it is mild enough to be used directly on the skin unlike some other oils which need a carrier oil to be diluted with before application.

ou can use almond oil with other oils like tea tree oil or clove oil and you will find in many products for curing toenail fungus almond oil is one of the ingredients. Keep in mind that whether you choose natural means, home remedies, products you buy or use a prescribed treatment from a doctor you are looking at long term treatment and healing with toenails. You may start to see signs of improvement sooner, but a full grown healthy toenail is going to take at least 9 months, possibly a little more.

About Almond Oil

There are two kinds of almond oil, the kind that is produced from bitter almonds that is used in cooking, and the kind made from sweet almonds that is the essential oil used in aromatherapy, as a massage oil, in skin and nail care that we are discussing. So when you go to buy some make sure you get the right kind, sweet almonds are called Prunus amygdalus, bitter almonds are called aprunus amygdalus amara. Almond oil has a long history of use particularly as massage oil.

Cure Toenail Fungus With Almond Oil

Almond oil contains Vitamin E which is good for the skin and has excellent moisturizing properties. As well as easing soreness it also helps reduce inflammation as well as boosting the immune system. Therefore when curing toenail fungus it also helps ease any pain, reduce any swelling, and heal the skin surrounding the nail. Mixed with another essential oil or oils that have powerful anti-fungal properties and it becomes an excellent treatment for curing toenail fungus.