Nail Fungus FAQs – What Nail Fungus Experts Have To Say?

Toenail Fungus Medicine

Q: What is a nail fungus infection?

A: A nail fungus infection is when fungal cells get caught underneath the nail and spread causing pain, a foul odor, and splintering. When your nails are exposed to an environment that is dark, damp, and warm, fungus is able to propagate and grow out of control. When this happens, the fungus uses your nail as a shield from the outside world, and damages the integrity of your nail from the inside out.

Q: How do you apply topical agents?

A: Topical treatments have three ways that they are normally applied. They can be applied with a dropper applicator, which you drop the liquid solution onto the nail and its spreads it way across the surface of the nail. Topical treatments can also be applied with a roll on applicator, which is used like roll on deodorant on the surface of the nail. The method we found most effective though was the brush applicator, which allows you to apply the solution evenly throughout as you would nail polish or a clear coat.

Q: Is nail fungus contagious?

A: Yes, nail fungus is extremely contagious. Nail fungus requires an environment that is warm,     moist and dark to grow. This criteria might sound hard to meet, but its easier than you might think. Everyone wears shoes at some point in their life, and shoes provide the perfect breeding ground for nail fungus to grow. You might come into contact with fungal cells, but then when you put your shoes on you are those fungally infected cells the perfect breeding ground in which to grow.

Q:How do I know if I have nail fungus?

A: Nail Fungus can look in a variety of different ways. The easiest way to tell if you have nail fungus is to look for some sort of discoloration. If your nails are green, blue, yellow, black, brown or any color other than what they normally are, you might have nail fungus. If your nails are growing thicker and more brittle than usual, or if your nail is splintering or breaking off, you might also have nail fungus.

Q: My nail fungus is “not that bad”, do I need to treat it?

A: You should never let fungus go without being treated. Nail fungus is one of the quickest spreading ailments in the world. and if you leave it untreated, you can have infected nails on each and every toe. Fungal infections can spread quickly to neighboring skins and nails and can become far worse. The worse the infection is, the longer it will take to treat.

Q: How can I treat nail fungus?

A: The most effective way to treat nail fungus is with the use of a topical treatment. A topical treatment is applied to the surface of the nail. The treatment works by making the nail weaker, which in turn allows for the active ingredient to travel underneath the nail and get to the source of your infection. This eliminates your nail fungus and allows your nails to grow happily and healthily once again.

Q: How effective are home remedies at treating nail fungus?

A: Most home remedies offer a lot of promise initially but ultimately fail to meet the expectations of most people. People like to try vinegar, garlic, etc, but in reality, these home remedies are old wives’ tales. There is something to be said about these remedies being able to treat nail fungus, but not in an acceptable time frame for people ill with nail fungus.