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How to Sanitize Nail Clippers to Keep them Dirt-Free

Easy Ways to Disinfect Nail Clippers

What Should I Disinfect Nail Clippers? In many homes today, there is a variety of different nail cutters that are available to consumers. For example, there are combs, nail files and nail clippers. As with any type of equipment, these nail clippers come with pros and cons to them. Many people enjoy the ease in which […]

How to Apply Vitamin E Oil on Cuticles

Apply Vitamin E Oil on Cuticles

Vitamin E is a natural moisturizer that keeps the skin healthy and smooth. You can use Vitamin E oil on any part of your skin including cuticles. Aside from your lips, cuticles and nails are at risk for becoming dry and cracked. Cuticles that are exposed to excessive cold, sun, chlorination, salt, water, or other […]

5 Tips on How to do Creative Nail

Great Design for Natural and Acrylic Nails

A nail tip is one way of enhancing the natural nails. You can use it to make your nails look longer or can have it to correct a misshaped nail. Whatever your reason is be sure to make the right choice from the following creative nail tip options. Tip # 1: Choose Exciting Colors and […]