How to Remove Fingernail Polish without any Nail Polish Remover

How to Remove Fingernail Polish

Taking away the nail polish is the usual thing lots of people do when they want to clean their fingernails or put on another color to their nails. The most usual component of polish removers is acetone, a combustible substance which may result to lung blockage, eye inflammation and breathing difficulty once the vapors are inhaled. Even shifting to a non-acetone nail polish remover is not considered secure because they also contain substances like methyl acetate that has comparable by-products like the acetone. There are natural means you can do if you want to remove fingernail polish. It is moderately easy to remove nail polish without the aid of a nail polish remover.

Remove Fingernail Polish without any Nail Polish Remover

Step 1: Invest in some things

If you want to remove your nail polish without using a nail polish remover, prepare to invest in some items that you may not have at home. You will need makeup remover pads, rubbing alcohol, bowl, and emery board and paper towel.

Step 2: Moisten a makeup remover pad using rubbing alcohol

Apply it on top of the exterior of your nails just like the way you do when you use standard nail polish remover. The rubbing alcohol will get rid of the nail polish with no utilization of abrasive substances.

Step 3: Fill up a little bowl with hot water

The temperature should be tolerable once you immerse your fingernails into it. Allow your nails to steep about 15 minutes so that the nail polish will become soft then dry your hands using a hand towel. Scuff off the nail polish on your nails utilizing the rim of an emery board.

Step 4: Put on a substantial layer of nail polish on top of the previous polish

Do this from one nail to another then remove the polish as soon as possible so that it will not dry. You can accomplish this through the use of makeup remover pad. The fresh coating of nail polish will take away the previous coating during the elimination. Do the procedure on all of your nails.

Step 5: Consider alternatives

Another way of removing nail polish without using nail polish remover is to put on a slight coat of clear nail polish on your nails one at a time. Let the clear nail polish stay above the previous nail polish for approximately three to five seconds. Wipe down both the previous and the fresh nail polish using a paper towel. Do the procedure on each nail as required or until the previous nail polish had been eliminated.

Since you already know how to remove fingernail polish without using nail polish remover, you can do it every time you need to remove the polish or replace your previous one. It is extremely easy to remove nail polish without the use of a nail polish remover that contains harsh chemicals, which can harm your health. Next time you want to remove your nail polish, make sure to do it the natural way and not through the use of a nail polish remover anymore.

How to Make Homemade Fingernail Polish Remover 

Searching around for a bottle of nail polish remover for worn out or chipped nail polish? This won’t do you any good. You may find one that has expired or evaporated and the worst of it is you may have searched for one that will cause yellow stains on your nails. One disadvantage of this commercial acetone is that they don’t come with protective seal so you can use them for a period of time.

Anyway most polish remover has only 2 main active ingredients and these are acetone and ethyl acetate. Maybe there are some other ingredients available at home which you can use as a good fingernail polish remover without spending a single cent in your pocket. One advantage of this is that it is a natural way of treating your nails naturally. Read and follow the procedure below that can guide you in making a homemade fingernail polish remover.

Make Homemade Fingernail Polish Remover

Tip # 1: Prepare the materials you need

You must have perfume, moisturizers and cotton swabs or cotton balls. Each of these materials have roles to play when making a nail polish remover.

Tip # 2: Tips in using the perfume

Since most perfumes contain ethyl acetate which is another active ingredient of all polish removers, it is also proven to be effective in removing finger nail polish. Just put some of your perfume in a cotton swab and apply it onto your nails.

Tip # 3: Tips in using another nail polish

Try applying a new coat of nail paint and use a cotton ball to wipe off the nail polish at once. This prompt removal will cause the elimination of the dry polish but chances are some residual polish marks remain on the cuticles.

Tip # 4: Tips in using toothpaste, hairspray and wet wipe

It is also proven that the use of toothpaste and hairspray can help you get rid of that old nail polish. Wet wipes can do the same thing. Dab any of these ingredients into a cotton ball and rub it onto your nails to wipe off the nail polish.

Tip # 5: Tips in using paint thinner

A paint thinner is said to help remove nail polish on fingernails. Try applying some paint thinner on your nails and the polish will vanish soon.

Tip # 6: Tips in using a baby jar with lid, a liquid thinner and sponge

Put the sponge inside the jar and then cut a hole at the middle of the sponge enough to fit your finger. Pour the thinner into the jar and close tightly with its cap. Just stick your finger into the sponge moving around a little to remove the polish off your nails. Place the lid of the jar tightly after each use to prevent the evaporation of the thinner.

Wash your hands using of course nothing else but mild soap and water once you are done with any of the above procedures. You need to apply moisturizer also to your hands to counteract the harsh chemicals. When you have considered all these tips together, you can make sure your homemade fingernail polish remover works.

How to Prepare Nails for Fingernail Polish

Having your nail polish done at home can save you both time and money compared when going to the nail salon. Preparing your nails the proper way is very important before a fingernail polish is done. Follow the simple steps and surely you’ll have that good looking manicure same as that done by a professional.

Prepare Nails for Fingernail Polish

Step # 1: Prepare nails for fingernail polish

You will need things such as: nail clipper; nail scissors; nail file; nail brush; nail strengthener; cuticle clipper; cuticle oil; nail polish remover; cotton balls; bowl; clear nail polish; and color nail polish.

Step # 2 – Clean your nails

Remove any existing nail polish with a nail polish remover. You can still wipe your nails with the polish remover even if there is no nail polish to make the new coat last longer. This is according to Barbara Mahany of the Chicago Tribune. Use a nail brush in cleaning your nails then soak the fingers in warm water to soften the cuticles before pushing them back with the use of a cuticle stick. You can put a piece of cotton around it and push back the cuticles. Don’t try to cut your cuticles. If there is dry skin around your nails or if you have hangnails, clip it with cuticle scissors. After this procedure, you can massage your cuticles with cuticle oil before applying hand cream.

Step # 3- Shape your nails

Cut your nails with nail clippers to your desired length. File them with your nail file to smooth the rough edges. According to “Prevention” magazine, you must file the nail in one direction to prevent it from weakening. You can use an emery board to shape the nails either round or straight across. If your nails are weak or easily damaged, it is better to trim them short to prevent damage to your nails.  Use the nail polish again to remove any oil or cream that was left from the previous step. This is to make your nail polish stay longer.

Step # 4 – Apply the base coat

According to Miss Mahany, applying base coat or nail strengthening before every polish is used to fill in ridges in the nail so as to provide a smooth surface before applying the nail polish. This will also prevent polish from staining nails. If you want you can stop in here to have that simple look.

Step # 5 – Apply the Nail Polish

If you want to continue, you can now pick up your favorite nail color. Apply two coats of your chosen nail polish but be sure to dry the first coating before applying the second one. When the second coat of nail polish is already dry, you can now put a top coat using a clear nail polish to make your “at home nail polish” last longer and look better.

Now you are ready to have your at home nail polish rather than going to the nail salon. You know how much you can save if you prepare your nails for fingernail polish. Make sure you follow the tips provided in this page and you will surely be happy with the results. You may even tell yourself “It’s a job well done!”

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