Treating Nail Fungus With Goldenseal


When dealing with common toenail problems often the cause turns out to be nail fungus that is the result of a fungus called Dermatophytes. This is something that anyone can get and is especially a problem for people who go barefoot in public places like pools, gyms, lockers rooms and showers. Dealing with common toenail problems can be tricky when it involves treating nail fungus as this needs you to be committed to the treatment since it can take up to a year before you have a fully grown and healthy toenail once more. There are medicated treatments you can try, prescribed or over the counter, and there are natural treatments. Goldenseal is a natural herbal treatment and as well as being used for treating nail fungus is effective against other fungal infections too.

What is Goldenseal?

Goldenseal also is known as orangeroot is a herb plant that is related to the buttercup family and grows in the northeast of America and southeast of Canada. The roots are yellow, thick and knotted while the stem has a purple hue and is hairy. It has hairy leaves too and flowers greenish white at the end of spring, producing a berry that contains seeds in the summer. It has long been used in herbal remedies and treatments for its anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antiseptic, anticatarrhal, antimicrobial and laxative properties. You can buy it in various forms, powdered, tablet, and tincture. It is usually used along with other healing herbs to improve their effectiveness.

Healing Uses For Goldenseal

Some uses for Goldenseal include:

  • Aid for digestion
  • Canker sores
  • Constipation
  • Fever
  • Bladder infections
  • Cold and flu

Goldenseal Is An Endangered Plant

An interesting point however about Goldenseal is that its numbers in the wild are seriously depleted and it is in danger, being listed as an endangered species. It has been over harvested and its habitat is being destroyed. Therefore you may want to take care of buying products that use Goldenseal unless it is clear the plant has been cultivated organically. There are alternatives.

Dealing With Common Toenail Problems Using Goldenseal

As well as treating nail fungus with Goldenseal it is also used for other fungal infections too such as Candida. There are several ways you do it.

Make a pau d’arco tea then mix in the contents of 4 goldenseal capsules. Soak your feet in this mix for twenty minutes twice daily.In a foot bath of water add Goldenseal and thyme. After soaking your feet dry thoroughly then rub in a mix of neem oil, lavender oil and a carrier oil like almond or olive oil. Do at least twice a day.Warnings
Pregnant women should not use Goldenseal for treating nail fungus and nor should those with high blood pressure or heart problems. People breast feeding, or with kidney or liver disease should be careful too as effects on these groups of people is not known. There are potential side effects to using this herb, which include;

There are potential side effects to using this herb, which include nausea, mouth and throat irritation, digestive problems, nervousness.