Top 5 Home Remedies For Nail Fungus

Characterized by yellowing and crumbling of the nail, nail fungal infection is one of the most embarrassing conditions that could affect your nails. While there are many modern medications that help, you deal with the condition, the side effects they come with just put you off. Here are the top 5 home remedies for nail fungal infections.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contain a chain of fatty acids known as Caprylic acid. This fatty acid is incredible because it allows you to penetrate the thick cell wall of most fungi. Once the fatty acid enters the fungus cell, it does not have the protective layer that allows it to grow. Lacking the layer of protection allows it to dissolve and destroy the infection causing fungus.

Apply the coconut oil on to the infected areas and leave it to soak for about twenty minutes. Because coconut oil is great for your skin too, you can apply this treatment as many times as possible. Other than the perfect looking nails, you will also get angelic skin, killing two bird with one stone so to speak.

Baking Soda and Sodium Borate

Fungus do not do well in environments that are alkaline or neutral. In the warm and moist areas of your skin, it is always acidic. Therefore, the fungus gets ground to thrive and grow.  A great way for destroying the fungus is creating an alkaline environment that the fungi cannot inhabit sodium borate, also known as borax is a great anti- fungicide that occurs naturally as a mineral.  A mixture of borax and baking soda create a fast acting cure against fungus.

Mix equal proportions of the two and add a little water to form a thick paste. Wash your feet and rub the mixture gently to the infected areas. Do this three to four times a week and continue for three weeks after the fungus has cleared up.


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Zetaclear is a great over the counter medication made from all natural ingredients that helps you get rid of unsightly nails. It smells good, it is easy to apply and can help you get rid of the fungal infection in your nails in less than a month. You can read ZetaClear reviews to find out more about the product.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This is one of the best home remedies for toenail fungus as it can be used internally and externally. Mix apple cider vinegar, some salt and hot water. Allow the mixture to cool so the water is warm to touch but not hot. When the mixture is too hot, you risk damaging your skin. Soak your feet in the mixture for about thirty minutes twice daily. You can also mix three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with eight ounces of water. You can drink it as it is or add some honey to sweeten.

Olive Oil Extract

This is a great anti- viral, anti- bacterial and anti-fungal supplement. T6aking this supplement daily guarantees you will get rid of the fungus infection quickly and without much discomfort. It can also help you detoxify your body.

Orange Oil

Orange Oil can be applied daily on the toenail in order to cure an infection because of its anti fungal properties. You can use a dropper to apply the oil on the nail and in between your toes. Leave the oil on for at least an hour. If you have sensitive skin, then orange oil might be too strong for you. You can dilute the oil with olive oil before application. Citrus allergies are quite common, so test the oil on healthy skin before venturing out on the infected areas.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is both an antiseptic and a fungicidal remedy. It is also a great remedy for onychomycosis. For this home remedy, you are required to clean the affected areas around the infection with rubbing alcohol. Then apply tea tree oil that has not been diluted directly to the affected areas, letting the skin soak.  Ten minutes later, you are required to gently scrub the nail with a soft bristled toothbrush. You can mix the tea tree oil with olive oil or almond oil. Repeat this process daily until a new healthy nail grows out completely. Continue this treatment two weeks hence to prevent regrowth.


Cornmeal is a great way to get rid of toenail fungus. Organic cornmeal hosts a fungus which is harmless to the human body but is deadly to Candida. Candida is essentially a fungal parasite that causes infections in people. In a large container, that is big enough to host feet, mix one cup of cornmeal with two quarts of water. Allow the cornmeal to soak in this water for at least one hour. After this soak your infected foot in this mixture for half an hour.  If you can follow this remedy up once every week or so, you are bound to rid yourself of toenail fungus. Cornmeal is completely harmless to the skin and nails and can be used without the fear of any side effects.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil can be used to treat mild cases of toenail fungus. It has antifungal properties that make it effective in busting toenail fungus. Apply a few drops of lavender oil to the infected nails every night and leave it till morning. If you want to prevent the oil from running, you can wear a pair of woolen socks. Synthetic socks will make the infection worse, so always go for woolen pairs. Continue this remedy for a couple of weeks before discontinuing.

Oregano Oil

Oregano is another herb which has anti-fungal properties. Mix oregano oil with a teaspoon of carrier oil before applying it to the infected nails. You can create your very own oregano infused oil as well. Follow up this remedy till the infection is no longer visible. For best results, discontinue one week after the infection is no longer visible. Oregano Oil is mild and it doesn’t damage your skin, or host a series of side effects.

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