How to Use Home Remedy for Nail Strength

Nail Strengthener

Homemade Remedies to Make Your Brittle Nails Strong

Most people don’t give too much attention to their nails. What they don’t know is that these laminated layers of keratin that shield their fingers are indicators of the conditions of their health. In some people with brittle or weak nails, this is the result of poor diet, washing hands without applying moisturizer later or using cleansing products without using gloves and aging. However there are some home remedies to strengthen nails making them healthy and beautiful looking.

home remedies to strengthen nails

Home remedy for nail strength can be a very effective way to make your nails stronger. As this article will show you, you do not have to spend a lot of money on nail salons in order to get great results, nor does it have to take much time to see the results you want. You don’t even have to spend time in the chair to get nails that are healthy and strong. Follow the steps in this article and you will quickly see great results for less than what you’d spend in nail salon services!

Tip #1: Know Signs of Unhealthy Nails

Home Remedy for Nail Strength

Most nail afflictions are not that serious. Examples are the vertical ridges and white lines which are very common to those who are getting older. White spots naturally appear after an injury to the fingernail and usually disappear after some time. Some conditions that require you to visit a doctor are yellowing of the nails, nails that easily detach from the finger or indentations in the nail. These could indicate symptoms of respiratory or bacterial infection, psoriasis or severe injury or illness. Brittle nails can also be sign of hyperthyroidism or anemia.

Tip #2: Know about Nail Strengtheners

Biotin, which is a B-complex vitamin, is commonly given to horses with weak, cracked hooves. The hooves of the horses are like human nails that are made up of keratin. You can get biotin from tomatoes, romaine lettuce, almonds, carrots, cabbage, onion, cauliflower, cucumber and chicken eggs. You can also take multi-vitamins which generally contain your daily requirement of biotin.

Tip #3: Always Use Moisturizer

Every time you wash your hands, be sure to use moisturizer so as to prevent dry and chapped nails. You can use lotion with lactic acid because this has hydrating properties and avoid lotion with alcohol because this further dehydrates the nails. You have to rub the lotion into both your nails and cuticles thoroughly.

Tip #4: Put Oils on your Nails at Bedtime

Apply coconut oil or olive oil on your hands and nails before bedtime and then wear gloves to protect your bed sheets.

Tip #5: Make a Solution for Soaking Nails

The best recommended home remedy for nail strength is to mix three parts olive oil with one part lemon juice. Soak your fingers into the solution for approximately 5 minutes.

Tip #6: Avoid Taking Drugs that Worsen Brittle Nails

Do not take drugs that are diuretics such as drugs for high blood pressure, edema and glaucoma because this can cause dehydration and worsen brittle nails. You can ask your doctor for some advice about this.

Tip #7: Know the Importance of Using a Nail Polish Remover

Use nail polish remover that contains acetate and not acetone because this can lessen moisture. Avoid using polish remover more than two or three times a month.

Tip #8: Wear Gloves

Use rubber dishwashing gloves over top cotton gloves when washing the dishes. The rubber glove keeps out water and the cotton gloves absorb the perspiration from the rubber and prevent the nails from getting damp.

Tip #9: Do not Use your Fingernails for Peeling

Remember not to use your fingernails in peeling stickers, opening bottles, tightening screws or scraping cooked-on food from pots. Do not bite your nails or pick at your cuticles so as to prevent damage to the nail bed and bacterial infection. Also trim your nails regularly and file them at once if you see any snag or chip.

These tips will make sure you will have a home nail strengthener that is affordable. You simply have to abide by these tips to avoid further injury to your nails.

Everyone has weak nails and how you care for them can make a huge difference in the way they look. It’s not always easy to take the time and make the effort to keep them looking their best, but there are many great tips for stronger nails that will help you achieve this. Find out what you need to know about maintaining your nails so that you can find them looking their best.

How to Make Natural Nail Strengthener

Nails contribute to proper good grooming that’s why women take proper care of their nails. Unfortunately there are some people who find it hard to grow their nails strong and beautiful. Their nails seem to be weak and brittle that’s why they turn to some store brand that might help them strengthen their nails. Some are expensive but still they cannot give you good results. Because of this reason, some people resort to homemade nail strengthener for healthier and stronger nails. It even costs you a lot cheaper than those bought at the stores. Here is how you can make natural nail strengthener.

Home remedies for strong nails do not need to be expensive and they do not need to be complex either. If you are having problems with your nails, you may want to look into some of the tips that are listed here and see if they can make them easier to treat. If your nails are really bad, you may be glad that you decided to check out the information here.

Step # 1: Prepare the ingredients.

Prepare the following ingredients which you may need in making a natural nail strengthener. They are wheat germ oil (1 tsp.), castor oil (2 tsp.) and table salt (2 tsp.). You also need a bowl to mix these ingredients.

Step # 2: Mix the ingredients.

Pour all the above ingredients in a bowl. Mix them all together by stirring continuously until they are well blended. After mixing them well, pour the solution into a storage bottle. Another way of mixing the ingredients is putting them directly into a storage bottle. Shake the bottle well before every use.

Step # 3: Apply the solution

Apply the solution onto each nail and rub in using your fingers. Allow the solution to sit in there for 5-10 minutes before wiping off. Avoid washing your hands until the solution soaks in and disappears. To have strong nails, apply the solution every day until your nails gain strength.

Step # 4: Learn about different types of nail strengthener

There are different types of nail strengthening products you can try to protect your nails. They can be in polish types and you only have to apply them at least two times a week.

One type is protein-rich nail strengthener which contains hydrolyzed collagen. This protein content helps to protect the nails from losing moisture. This type of nail strengthener is safe for people who have allergies but to be sure of it, do a patch test before using this product.

You can try also the type of nail strengthener that contains nylon. The nylon contents bond with the nails and this is responsible for strengthening them. This is best recommended for damaged and soft nails. It is also safe for people with allergies. There is also this formaldehyde containing nail strengtheners and are said to be more powerful but it has some allergic side effects.

Nail strengthener not only moisturizes and hardens your nail but at the same time protects them from breaking and splitting. Once they become strong you have the chance to grow them long and beautiful. If your nails are weak and brittle, you must know the reason. It may be the cause of poor diet, nail bed infections, poor blood circulation or the cause of some diseases. Blood circulation to nails can be improved if you massage the nail bed every day and have a proper diet.

How to Strengthen Chipped Fingernails

Our fingernails are formed from durable keratin protein in the body. If our fingernails are easily chipped or cracked due to the activities that we do from day to day life, there are several ways to strengthen them and improve their condition after peeling and chipping. Here are tips on how to strengthen chipped fingernails.

Tip # 1 – Use Supplements

Our body needs proper nutrients to prevent our fingernails from becoming brittle and chipped. Biotin is a kind of vitamin that we should take to help our body process fatty acids and proteins. Two and a half milligrams of biotin supplement is recommended daily to strengthen our nails.

Another vitamin for fingernails is the B vitamin Folate. This can be supplemented by vitamin B complex daily. It is also important to have enough protein in our diet. We should have at least several servings of meat, dairy or nuts every day.

Tip # 2 – Moisture is Important.

If our fingernails do not have enough moisture, the chance of becoming chipped and peeling is great. Like our skin, our nails need moisture. Rub lotion into your fingernails like the way you do to your skin, especially after you have just removed nail polish and also just after the nails have been in water. Applying nail polish can help keep moisture to your nails and is effective in preserving damaged nails.

Tip # 3 – Protect Your Nails.

It is very necessary to protect our hands in all the things that we do. Like for example if we work near chemicals, do the laundry, do gardening and do kitchen jobs we should wear gloves. If you do work in a dry environment, you need to keep your hands moisturized and cover them if possible. Moisturizing them is better than taking prescribed medication because of their side effects. Do not use your nails in removing tags, pulling out staples, to screw or pry. Get the right tool instead and use it.

Tip # 4 – Fix the Problem

If you already have chipped nails, you can do some remedy. Use a cloth to rub the chipped area to make it flat and smooth. Then dip a cotton stick in a nail polish remover and dab it to the chipped area. Apply a top coat on your entire nail to cover it and serve as a protection.

Tip # 5 – Clean, Buff and Polish

Remove any previous polish and clean your nails well. File and buff your nails in only one direction and remove all ridges that can cause chipping. Always apply 2 coats of nail polish and a clear top coat at the end to seal the nail. Let your fingernails dry for 10 minutes before engaging into any activity using your hands.

Tip # 6 – Say No to Nail Biting

Never bite your nails.  Saliva will weaken and dry out nails. Instead of nail biting, make the habit of massaging your hands with lotion or cream twice a day and work it well onto your cuticles and nails.

Tip # 7 – Use Nail Restoration Products

Use nail restoration product to treat your nails. Pick one that has good quality and doesn’t have any toxic chemicals like formaldehyde and toluene.

There are indeed ways to use natural nail strengthener tips for your nails. This page contains loads of them and you can try what you think is best for you.