How to Apply the Top Coat for French Manicure

How to Apply the Top Coat for French Manicure

French manicure is one of the most stylish nail polish. You can use it on either casual or formal wear. The most common style is using the beige or pink nail color polish with white on the tip. Now it has changed a bit using the much darker color combination but the original one will always be there because it’s simple and timeless.

To finish the French manicure means you should apply a clear top coat. The top coat should match the color nail polish and white tip and provide a smooth appearance and shine. It is also formulated to give that long lasting shine and to prevent the nail tip from chipping. Here are steps on how to apply the top coat for French manicure.

Apply the Top Coat for French Manicure

Step # 1: Prepare the nails.

At first, free your nail from any remaining nail polish using an acetone. Then perform the usual method of cleaning the nails. A well cleaned-nail would be good for a new polish application.

Step # 2: Cut the nails.

Cut your nails with a nail cutter to form a square. You have to file the sides to make it appear square since a French manicure style usually uses a square-shaped nail.

Step # 3: Apply thin base coat.

Apply a thin base coat on all your nails to have a smooth foundation for the nail color polish. They should be applied evenly.

Step # 4: Outline the nail tips.

Make a strip of hard paper to outline the tip of the nails where you apply the white coat on. Apply the white nail polish on the tip of the nails using a one slow long stroke. Repeat the application following the tip guide.

Step # 5: Apply the main nail polish color.

You can now apply the main nail color polish over the whole nail. You can choose between pink and beige. Begin applying from the middle part of the nail to evenly distribute towards the bottom of the nail. Repeat the application to all your finger nails. Allow the nail color polish to dry before applying a top coat to make it shiny.

Step # 6: Apply the top coat for this nail art.

Be sure you have the following with you. A clear top coat polish, a cotton swab, nail polish remover and a nail drying spray (optional). Once the nail coat is dry, apply the top coat to the nails. Dip the nail brush into the top coat polish and be sure to have enough polish on it to apply an even coat onto the nails. The top coat should be applied using downward strokes from the base of the nail to the tip. The first stroke should be down the middle of the nail and next is one stroke on both sides of the nail.

Step # 7: Make some finishing touches.

If there are any smears on the skin or underneath the nails, use a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover to remove it. Allow the top coat to set for about 10-15 minutes then apply a nail drying spray to help nails dry faster and that it provides a glossier finish.

Applying top coat for nail art is necessary for French manicure. This will allow you to have beautiful looking fingers. It is not a complicated task. After all, the steps have been presented above.