How to Apply Top Coat for Nail Art

How to Apply Top Coat for Nail Art

Making a beautiful nail art on your fingers is not that easy and requires some time to perfect it. It is important then to keep the nail art long in your nails and make it look at its best. This is why we need a clear acrylic top coat. It will not only protect the nail art but also gives the art an amazing shine.  Here are few tips that can be helpful when you want to apply top coat for nail art:

How to Apply Top Coat for Nail Art

Step 1: Look for the right top coat polish.

If you buy a top coat polish, make sure to look for a quick drying one. You can find top coat polishes available at any beauty supply stores and at several drug stores.

Step 2: Apply the top coat nail polish.

Using the nail brush polish, apply a thin layer of top coal nail polish over the nail art. Start applying from the base of the nail going to the tip. Repeat brushing the top coat nail polish making sure that you have covered all of the nail art as well as the entire nail.

Step 3: Finish the job for your other fingernails.

Repeat the same procedure above applying at the other fingernails having the nail art. Make sure to apply the top coat nail polish completely all over the nails. Extra care has to be given to make an even application all over the nail art.

Step 4: Dry the top coat.

Now after you have applied the first top coat on all the nails allow the top coat nail polish to dry completely. You can use a blow dryer if you want a quicker drying.

Step 5: Apply another layer of top coat for nail art.

Since top coat works best when applied in more than one coat, you can now apply another one using the same procedure as mentioned above. Allow the polish to dry completely and you can apply 2 more coats of the top coat nail polish to all the fingernails. Let it dry after each coat. This is to make the nail art have a finish that is glossy and shiny. Not only that, additional coats of the top nail polish give better protection to the nail art as well as the fingernails.

The best thing about nail top coat is that it is very helpful in protecting the nail art of your fingernails. It does not only give a nice glossy shine but also sustains the nail art. You can choose from a wide range of top coat polishes available from the market. It can be either for strengthening or for lengthening of the nails. So in buying one, make sure to choose one kind of top coat you want.

Step 6: Avoid a few things

Keep in mind not to dab the top coat nail polish directly onto the nail art. Better apply the top coat to the nail art using long strokes. Avoid putting too much top coat onto the nail brush because this will make the top coat to drip or puddle on the nail art.

These are steps to be undertaken when you want to apply top coat for nail art. The procedure is easy; it simply requires patience.