How to Apply Top Coat to Acrylic Nails

Painting our nails can add beauty to our overall appearances especially when coordinated with our clothes. It can project an appearance not only cleanliness but also sophistication as well. One way of painting our nails is by the use of an acrylic nail polish. This will not only make your nails look great but it will also keep your polish last longer. Like natural nails, acrylic nails need a top coat for them to look nice and looking shiny. It also prevents the nails from chipping and preserves the polish allowing its color to last longer. You can buy top coat polish at any beauty supply or at your local drugstore. From here, you can apply top coat to acrylic nails.

Tip #1: Selecting the Top Coat

Try to select a top coat polish that is clear in color. There are nail polishes that are made specifically for acrylic nails and are highly recommended but not necessary. You must select a top coat that is designed to help polish not to chip and one that helps the color last longer. There are several top coats that are made for strengthening and lengthening nails but this is not necessary when painting acrylic nails.

Apply Top Coat to Acrylic Nails

Tip #2: Applying the Nail Polish

In applying nail polish, it is ideal to apply first a base coat which serves as the foundation. After which you can apply two coats of colored nail polish of your choice.

Tip #3: Drying the Previous Coats

Allow the previous coats to dry first before applying the top coat. To make the drying faster, you can make use of a nail dryer, cool air or you can run them under a light stream of cool water or you can just let them settle and dry. This will only takes a few minutes.

Tip #4: Applying the Top Coat

Once the previous coats of nail polish have dried, you can now apply the top coat. In applying the top coat you have chosen, you must begin at the bottom of the nail and swipe it upwards to the tip in thin layers. Use light strokes only while covering the entire nail. You only need to apply one layer of top coat for each nail. Remember to dab off any excess nail polish at the opening of the bottle. It is not advisable to use a dripping brush. It is necessary to have the same level of thickness in the coating on every part of the nail for uniformity.

Tip #5: Removing any Excess

Repeat the same procedure in applying top coat to your other nails. Be sure to remove any smudges along the skin area and underneath the nail. If you have some fancy nail art or any design on your nails, you can apply 1-2 more light coats to provide a glossier shine.

Tip #6: Protecting the Top Coat for Your Nail Art

After you are done applying the top coat, let the polish dry for 10-15 minutes. Avoid doing any activities that can damage your polish while it is drying. The use of nail drying spray can speed up the process and also give the polish a glossier finish.

For your manicure to last longer, apply a layer of top coat every other day. Clean your nails regularly with a clean soft towel. Try to remove any dirt, soap or lotion build up. When you have considered this together with other tips above, then you are sure you have created a good top coat to protect your acrylic nails.