How to get healthy nails and keep them

The most frequently frequently asked concerns from those suffering from toenail the fungus of their toes can be “How can I achieve healthy looking nails?” and “How do you maintain them?”.

If you want to have good looking nails and keeping them there are some guidelines and products to make use of. The good news is that many of the nail care products are easy to use and quite affordable which means they won’t make an ink in your pocket.

1. Trimming Your Nails Regularly

A very important ways to keep your nails healthy is to cut them on a regular basis. Not only is it essential to maintain your personal hygiene, but it also encourages growth of the nail. For those who suffer of toenail fungus, it’s crucial to cut your nails as it can boost the development of nails. This will help you eliminate the fungus quicker. It’s not enough for you to cut your nails on a regular basis but also to cut them properly. Here’s a video that offers some tips for trimming your nails in a proper manner

  • According to the video Trim your nails once you’ve stepped out of the shower.
  • Be careful not to trim too close to the skin’s edge otherwise, you’re at risk of developing an infection or an ingrown nail.
  • Don’t push your cuticles back.
  • Furthermore, if you’re an athlete, be sure to cut your nails on a regular basis due to the stress of being an athlete puts you at risk of getting fungal infections.
  • Important: Make sure you wash any tools you employ to trim your toenails by using 70% isopropyl ethanol after usage, to avoid the accumulation of fungal or bacterial infections.

2. Moisturize Regularly

One of the frequently overlooked and ignored aspects of maintaining good looking feet and nails is moisturizing. There’s nothing more frustrating than having toes and nails which appear rough, dry and unhealthy. Apply lotion to your feet frequently after showering and before sleep. I will discuss a natural foot cream that is specifically designed to keep good looking feet, in one blog posts.

3. Try Tea Tree Oil

One of the most effective ways to keep healthy toes is applying tea tree oil directly or apply the toe wash which has tea tree oil contained in it. I personally can testify to tea tree oil based on my own experiences with the fungus that causes toenails. Tea tree oil is antiseptic properties that aid in removing toe fungus while maintaining healthy nails.

4. Make sure your feet are dry

One of the most effective ways to keep on the nails of yours is to ensure that they are dry. If they are left in a humid and damp conditions, they become an ideal environment for the growth of fungus. You can prevent this from happening by purchasing foot powder, and changing socks every day.

5. Avoid Nail Polish

Huh? Avoid nail polish? This is the method I use to conceal my nails that are ugly! Actually, nail polish is a nightmare when you have nails that are unhealthy since it can create a dark, humid atmosphere that could become an ideal habitat for bacteria. It’s similar to covering vents to allow air conditioning to your house. In the near future, your home will get hot and humid.

6. Drink Plenty of Water

This is among the easiest ways to keep healthy nails. When your body is hydrated, it is able to be at its best to fight diseases and keep healthy nails!

7. Take Supplements

If you’re not receiving adequate Biotin within your daily diet that is known to promote hair, nail and skin development, I strongly suggest this vitamin. I myself have taken Biotin supplements. I’ve noticed my nails grow more quickly and healthier, as well as advantages for my hair and skin. If you’re curious about Biotin and want to know more, check it out. I’ve discovered that there are more resources on the internet than at stores.

Have toenail fungus? Get on top of it TODAY!

If you do not treat an infection of the nail caused by fungal bacteria, the more deeply it’ll become in your toes and the more severe it will develop. When it’s under your toes it becomes extremely difficult to cure. So, when you first notice an infection with fungal origins, you’ll need to test a few options for nail treatments for fungus that I would recommend.