How to Maintain Healthy Natural Nails

How to Maintain Healthy Natural Nails

How to maintain Healthy Natural Nails? Unless there are serious health complications, every individual has nail plates on their fingertips. Not only do they serve as a protective coverage for the soft underlying tissues, they also in no small measure add to the beauty of our fingers and hands at large.

When you take good and proper care of your natural nails, you would be the better for it. It is not a difficult thing to imbibe good maintenance culture for your nails if you are ready to see your nails as important parts of your body. Just like the hair, nails are in the healthiest and best state when left as they were naturally.

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It has been a long standing debate as to the right amount of care one should put into how to maintain healthy natural nails. Many people who take the time to research this subject state that using proper nail care products, and putting in some time to exfoliate each day, is the best way to ensure that your nails are naturally beautiful and healthy.

All that may be required to maintain a healthy growth would not be more than nail polish which works for protection and the application of hand cream which serves as moisturizer on a regular basis. Some of the handy tips are given below.

While using nail polish is a healthy way to beautify your nails, by doing so, it is possible to cause damage to your nails. This damage may include cracks, splits, and pits, therefore it is important to take the time to take care of your nails in a healthy manner.

Apply Nail Strengtheners

One of the usual practices of people is the application of nail strengtheners on their natural nails which provides a chemical crosslink with the nail plate. This has been argued to be a bad idea and those who are genuinely interested in good care for their nails should never attempt it. The reason for this is that, at the initial stage the natural nails would be made rigid but these nails would at the same time be made less flexible.

The reduction in the nails’ flexibility makes them prone to breaking easily upon the slightest impact. Keeping your nails flexible and moisturized therefore is an important step you must take if you want to keep and maintain them very well.

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Keep Yourself Hydrated

On some occasions, it is possible to experience nail splitting. When this occurs, it is an indication of dehydration and water in being withdrawn from the nails into the body system. You can easily tackle such issues by taking a lot of fluid and using any of the specially manufactured oil that can penetrate the nail plate. You can follow up on this by using a moisturizing cream. The care of your nails at periods like this also includes the use of several coats of nail hardener. This is one of the tricks usually performed to reduce the risk of peeling and chipping of the nail enamel.

One type of nail hardener usually recommended is the type with nylon fibers as they are very effective. Many people love the glitter the use of nail polish gives to their natural nails. It is however good to take note of the fact that, the regular use of nail polish can lead to a yellowing discoloration of the nails. While it can not be said that this in itself would cause any serious damage to the nails, it should however be noted that it may make the nails lose their natural color.

A proper maintenance care that should be given to the nails should include minimized soaking of your fingers and hands in household cleaning solutions when they are not protected. When you allow your fingers and hands to remain soaked in these chemicals for a long time, you would be robbing them of vital moisture and oil which can result in the peeling and the splitting of the nails. Apart from these, we all are differently made. While some of your household members may find the use of these chemicals non-irritable to their skin, you may find tm highly irritable to your own skin and natural nails thereby eliciting an allergic reaction

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Don’t Neglect your Nails

Each nail plate is made up of many layers of cells. These cells lose their inner materials and eventually become hard, flat and translucent with time. Strength is needed to make natural nails stand the test of time and use and this strength is a combination of flexibility and hardness. If you pay salons visits for the treatments of your nails, it would still be required of you to take care of your nails between the time you made the last visit and your next appointment with your nail technician. Each visit you pay to the nail salon, part of the duties of the nail technician is to help you as his client to maintain healthy and beautiful nails. Where peeling and splitting of nails are identified, you can make moisture and oil come to the rescue.

Consult your Doctor

There may be situations where disorders and nail diseases would occur. It is not part of the duties of the nail technician to treat such but he may identify them and quickly raise the alert. A physician would have to be consulted when natural nails are affected by nail diseases or disorders. If you don’t pay visits to nail parlors and salons, you may not be at a disadvantage so long as you are ready to equip yourself with information which you may gather on the internet, magazines and friends.

The application of these simple tips can enable cater enough for your nails without having the need for a nail technician or physician. However when the need for it arises, it usually beneficial to check up with these professionals because small as your natural nails are, they are integral parts of your body and are one of the determinant factors of your overall health.