How to Remove Artificial Nails Safely and Painlessly

step by step Remove Artificial Nails

Acrylic nails, like any other artificial nails, look great on your hands and this can also help those with weak nails or those nails that are hard to grow well on their own. Like anything else, wearing artificial nails has an end and they need to be removed. Here are some tips to follow so as to remove artificial nails safely and painlessly.

If you are looking to learn how to remove artificial nails, there are a few things you can do at home. You can also get a professional to come to your home and remove your artificial nails, but this can be expensive and take several days to do.

Remove Acrylic Nails At Home: Step By Step How-To Tutorial

Tip #1: Gather your materials

Prepare the following things that are needed. You will need things such as nail polish remover with acetone, petroleum jelly, nail buffer, nail clippers, glass bowl and a plastic garbage bag.

Tip #2: Look for a good workplace for the process

Look for a good place where you can sit down comfortably and do the job. A kitchen table is perfect to work on but be sure to cover the table with a plastic garbage bag together with a thick layer of newspaper to soak up spills and to prevent damage within the table’s surface.

Tip #3: Have your materials ready when you need them

Be sure to gather all materials and put them around where you can easily reach them while doing the nail removal. You can put all your supplies in front of you on the table.

Tip #4: Cut your acrylic nails

At first, you can cut your acrylic nails using nail clipper and make them as short as possible. This will make the removal easier.

Tip #5: Use acetone

Pour nail polish remover with acetone in a glass bowl where you will soak your nails. This is to dissolve the nail glue which attached the acrylic nails to the natural nails.

Tip #6: Apply petroleum jelly

Make sure to apply petroleum jelly first to your skin surrounding your nails before soaking them into the bowl with nail polish remover. In this case, it will help prevent the skin from drying out while soaking in the polish remover. Remember not to put some on your nails because this will block the polish remover from loosening the glue.

Tip #7: Peel the acrylic nails

Dip your fingers into the bowl with nail polish remover and allow them to soak for 15-20 minutes. After removing your fingers from the bowl, gently peel the acrylic nails off. If there is any acrylic that does not peel off, dip your fingers again into the bowl and let it stay for another 5 minutes. Do not force any nail that is not ready to peel off. All acrylic nails should be removed after re-soaking and what is left only is your natural nail.

Tip #8: Make some finishing touches

After the process is done, you should wash your hands thoroughly to remove all polish remover residues and the petroleum jelly. If there is any nail glue that remains on your nails, buff it with a nail buffer gently. Use only a light touch so as not to damage your natural nails. Get a moisturizing cream and apply it to your hands. Massage it well to replace the lost moisture cause by the acetone polish remover.

These are tips on how to remove artificial nails. Do not force an acrylic nail off from your natural nail. The risk is damaging your natural nail and the worst is it will rip off your natural nail with the acrylic one.