10 Top Tips on How to Take Care of Weak Nails

How to Take Care of Weak Nails

If you have brittle and soft nails, this means that they are weak and not being taken cared of very well. Anyway there are several steps to help you recover the natural strength of your nails as well as its vitality. Although this may take a few weeks to see the results, you are sure that your nails will become healthy once again without undergoing expensive treatments. Here are some tips on how to take care of weak nails.

Tip #1: Prepare some vital materials.

You will need some nail supplies and tools. These are nail clippers, nail file, nail strengthening cream, nail hardener, tweezers, knife and rubber gloves to regain strength of your nails.

Tip #2: Biting or picking on your nails is a no-no.

Avoid biting or picking at your nails. You must use nail clippers and filers to keep your nails neat and maintain a good length that is applicable for you.

Tip #3: Use protection.

Always use rubber gloves whenever you do household chores that require handling harsh cleaning agents and also when you do some gardening. These activities can dry out your nails which lead to weakening.

Tip #4: Choose the right hand lotion or cream.

Do not use lotions and creams that contain lots of alcohol because these can dry out the natural moisture of your nails. Instead, use nail strengthening cream that can make your fingernails healthy and at the same time keep your hands soft and smooth.

Tip #5: Avoid pushing your nails too hard in your daily routine.

In doing some activities that require the use of your nails like peeling off labels, make use of tweezers or a knife instead of your nails. The habit of using your nails in taking out labels can break down the edges of your nails and allow them to break or tear easily.

Tip #6: Apply nail hardener.

Always apply a nail hardener every time you have manicures as these polishes protect your nails from external harm and at the same time keep your nails with natural moisture.

Tip #7: Check your diet.

Checking your diet can help strengthen weak nails. Since our fingernails are made of protein called keratin, lack of protein can lead to weak nails. Also deficiencies from certain vitamins and minerals such as vitamins B and zinc can do the same. That’s why be sure to have enough vitamins, minerals and proteins so that you can have healthy nails.

Tip #8: Visit your doctor.

Be sure to visit your doctor for a physical check up. Some medical problems cause brittle nails like an underactive thyroid which causes nails to become brittle. It’s better to have a blood test to determine if you are having medical problems.

Tip #9: Avoid overusing a nail polish remover.

One of the major causes of weak nails is overusing nail polish remover just like exposing your hands to harsh detergents and chemicals. A nail polish remover weakens the nail plate and this causes the entire nail to grow weaker. Some nail polish removers are too drying that’s why you should try to use one that is acetone-free.

Tip #10: Use petroleum jelly.

You can also reduce splitting of nails by applying petroleum jelly on your hands before bedtime and put on a pair of gloves leaving it overnight. Soaking your fingernails in almond oil or olive oil can also help moisturize nails thus reduces brittleness.

Weak nails can be prevented before it will even bother you. Practice the usual hygiene for your nails and use products that are not too harsh on the nail bed.