Kerasal Fungal Nail Renewal Treatment Reviews

Kerasal Fungal Nail Renewal Treatment Reviews

If you’re a nail fungus sufferer, then you’re aware of the pain and humiliation of looking at ugly nails. You’ve tried every method to eliminate the fungus on your nails and no solution has been found. But there’s hope! Kerasal provides an exclusive formula to provide the treatment of your nails which will make the nails healthier and stronger.

This blog post was created to give you other users’ testimonials of the product, to help you decide whether it’s the right choice for your needs or not. Kerasal is a topical application that’s been around for many years and has been proven to aid sufferers with nail fungus.

Kerasal fungal reviews on nail renewal are plentiful online due to the fact that it’s a highly effective solution for those suffering from this disease. It’s crucial to determine whether there are any adverse consequences associated with using this product prior to deciding whether or not to buy it.

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Kerasal Fungal Nail Renewal Reviews Pro’s


It’s a success! I was injured by my large toe, and was referred to a podiatrist in order to have it removed. I impulsively had pedicures prior to it being fully developed. I was infected with toenail fungal infection that caused my toenails to be hardened dry, brittle, and disgusting. To get rid of my frustration, I tried a variety of natural remedies but none worked on my behalf until I decided to try the kerasal nail fungal treatments on my nail that was affected. I’ve used it for 4 weeks and my fungal infection is nearly gone.


Utilize kerasal for your toenails, it’s effective as I took before and after shots just two weeks apart. The improvement is amazing. I’m going to utilize it for the recommended eight weeks, or till done.


I’ve used a number of treatments previously and even was able to remove my toenail, but yet the persistent fungal infection would come back. Being a long-distance runner, I’ve always suffered from an infection on my toes. I just finished the first tube and notice a lot of improvement in the discoloration as well as the thickness of my nails. I purchased an additional tube so that I can clear off the infection that remains. I would recommend kerasal nail renewal to help treat ugly fore nails fungal infection and rate it 5 stars since this product works.


I’ve tried a variety of antifungal remedies over the years, but none of them worked on my toenails. I have tried remedies like bleach, Listerine, and many more, however, after using kerasal , I noticed an improvement in the appearance of my nails within a matter of a month. My feet are now free of fungus and I give 5 stars to this product.


I’m 73 years old and have suffered from unattractive toe fungus for nearly half my life. Podiatrists gave me prescription medication before and I have regularly checked my liver but they were unable to cure the fungi that grew on my feet. The topical antifungal treatment has cleared the majority of the ugly nail infections and I plan to buy the second bottle to fully experience the benefits from this treatment. It has diminished the nail’s thickness and the improvement to their appearance is simply out of the ordinary.


This fungal nail rejuvenation treatment is worthy of five stars! After using the Kerasal nail treatment my toenail fungus is decreasing each day. It is more effective than any other treatment I’ve used previously to treat fungal infections on my toenails. I am grateful to myself for having this product for my nails.


It is effective! Period!

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Con’s Reviews For Kerasal Fungal Nail Renewal


I began using this medicine last night and the first thing I observed is that it needs quite a long time to dry, and I’m not able to wait at the beginning of the week to sit and wait for it to dry.


I didn’t finish the entire treatment because I began to develop an itch on my skin, which did not work for me. My skin inflammation disappeared quickly following the cessation of the toenail fungus treatment.


The second one that I purchased for my wife. The first one was able to get out more than 80percent of the infection. I usually use a light layer of the product on my wife’s feet between morning and at night but after just four uses the tube was depleted. I think it was not filled in the correct way and I’m feeling like I’m being ripped off. I’m hoping that a new tube will be given to me for free following the incident has been reported.


I’ve been using this often to treat the fungus before bed, and I’ll wait approximately 15 minutes to dry. I don’t apply it until the morning since I don’t have time to wait to let it dry. I would like it to be dry right away following the application.


I’ve been using this product for a week and I haven’t seen any improvement in how my nails look as the label in the label on the container states. It takes about a week before you see any improvement.


I’ve been applying the Kerasal nail fungal treatment 2 times every day for a week, and I’ve realized how long it can take for it to dry my nails. I usually need about 10 minutes to allow it to penetrate to the nail bed.


Kerasal appeared to be effective for my fungus after 3 days of treatment, but I began to experience Hives. The hives didn’t go away after the treatment, and the hives got extreme. The hives went away after I stopped using this antifungal drug. The condition was so bad that it was able to keep me awake at night. I believe that hives are caused by applying kerasal to my feet.

Kerasal Reviews Before and After Pictures

These are pictures of before and after following the use of fungal nail renewal treatments for just a little over eight weeks. It is clear that it is effective against fungal infections..

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This kerasal fungal renewal of nails reviews demonstrates that this treatment is efficient against nail fungal infections and can improve the appearance of your nails in a few weeks based upon the extent of the nail fungal infection. It helps reduce discoloration of the nails, smooths thickened nails and softens dry, brittle nails in one week of use.

Unfavourable reviews are posted by those who purchased fake the kerasal nail treatment to treat fungal growth on the internet. Active ingredients such as urea, propylene glycol, lactic acid along sodium hydroxide disodium ETTA are a perfect treatment for fungal infections.


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