Truth Exposed: Does Kerasal Nail Treatment Work?

Does Kerasal Nail Treatment Work

Treating nail fungus infection is very vital for anyone who suffers from it. A lot of people ignore it hoping it will go away only for the infection to spread to other nails and cause more harm to the nail and surrounding skin. As companies release new products into the market to cure such infections, we get a variation of the products some being more effective than others and others being entirely ineffective. When one looks at Kerasal nail treatment, what they wonder is whether it is one of the most effective products, a slightly less effective product or one that does not work entirely.

About Kerasal Nail Treatment

Kerasal Nail Treatment Work

Kerasal nail treatment is manufactured and sold by Moberg Pharma, and it is a clear and colorless liquid applied to the infected toe. This product is loved by many people since it has been proven to improve the appearance of the nail in just one week. It works by penetrating the nail, and its ingredients start to work to facilitate the improvement of the nail.

The ingredients of Kerasal include urea, propylene glycol, glycerin, sodium hydroxide, water, disodium EDTA, and lactic acid. The active ingredient is urea, and it is excellent in softening the nail. You are required to apply the product on the infected toenail using a silicon applicator and leave it for the entire night.

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Does Kerasal Work?

Before purchasing this product, it is important to know whether it works or not.

Looking at the product closely, you will realize that there is no mention of ingredients that actively destroy fungus in the infected toe. With the lack of an active ingredient to serve this function, there is no way this product can work to heal your toenail and clear the fungus infection.

Kerasal Nail Treatment Work
Kerasal Nail Treatment Work

One thing about this product is that it works wonderfully to improve the appearance of the infected toenail. This is the basis of the advertisement and the purpose of the product. It says nothing about healing infected toenail or killing the fungi. Therefore, it will be unwise to expect anything more than a better nail appearance in a short while.

There have also been so many users of this product, and they have stated that in as much as they enjoyed the improved appearance of their toenails, the infection was not eliminated. Therefore, when you discontinue use, the nail goes back to its disgusting state after a while because the fungus infection will work against it.

As a product that aims to improve the look of the infected nail, it may require that you use it with another product that has active ingredients to fight the infection. This way you will have a healthy looking toenail that is sincerely healthy.

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Final Verdict

Kerasal Nail Treatment Work

is is a product that has nothing in it that is effective in eliminating fungus infection. The best it does is dissolving the nail to improve its appearance. The ugliness of the toenail is not the problem. The problem is what causes the uglinessMajor Causes Of Nail Fungus and addressing it will take care of the issue on the surface. Since the product does not kill the fungus infection, save your money and purchase a product that will.