Laser Treatment For Nail Fungus Infection

what kills toenail fungus fast

 Laser treatment is amongst the fastest and most effective ways of treating nail fungus infection. It does not take months of continuous treatment. In just one visit, you can get rid of the infection on your nails although the results will be seen much later. Let us read more about the Laser Treatment for Nail Fungus Infection.

laser treatment

How Laser Treatment Works

Recently, a new treatment for toenail fungus has been introduced and it is with the use of the laser technology. However, if you really have good results with oral and topical medications, then you don’t need to undergo laser treatment. One big and common reason is that this is quite expensive. In order for you to get this procedure, you need about $350 to $450.

Laser treatment is administered using a pen-like device. This device is meant to direct the hot laser beam onto the surface of the nail and the bed of the nail. When the beam is passed through the bed of the nail, the fungal spores attached to the bed and the nail are broken and destroyed.  When your nail is infected with fungus, it will become brittle and most times will not lie at the surface of the nail.

When the fungus is destroyed by the treatment, a new nail will emerge in the next few months. This new nail will be beautiful and will lie at the bed of your nail, as it should. Laser treatment is also great for your nail because unlike most treatments that target all the areas of the nail, it only targets the damaged and unhealthy parts of the nails. This localized treatment prevents the infection from spreading further into the nail. It also allows you to protect areas of the nails that are healthy.

What You Will Feel

One of the things people fear of laser treatment is pain. Touching the infected nail is painful enough as it is so no one needs more pain. The good news is that laser treatment is not painful at all. You will definitely feel your nail heat up as the device is passing through your nail surface. You will also hear some popping noises as the beam burns the spores. As the nail heats up, you will feel small pricks of the heat but that is it.

Will it be Permanent?

If you have had a nail fungus infection, no matter what type of treatment you use, the risk of reinfection is high. You will have to take measures to prevent the fungus from growing again. Always wash your bathroom floor with antiseptic and use a different towel to wipe the infected areas.  You should also go for follow up treatment and use over the counter medication to keep the infection away.  Washing your socks and shoes is not enough, you should also use antifungal sprays to destroy the infections.