Two New Ways To Make The Nail Fungus Disappear

It is amazing how many products can be found in the market that treats nail fungus infection. It is amazing to see that a lot of effort is put into developing dependable and effective products. In the recent past, we have witnessed the inception of two new products in the market that aim to treat the fungus infection in the nail. These products are Kerydine and Jublia. These are topical solutions that are slowly gaining ground in the market and securing their position in the rankings. Even so, they still have a long way to feature the top best products.


Kerydine is the very first type of antifungal called oxaborole. It was approved by FDA in the year 2014. This is an alcohol that has very powerful antifungal properties that make it effective in destroying the fungus. It has a high penetrating power that makes it penetrate the toenail into the nail bed to fight the fungus infection by preventing the formation of the protein that makes it thrive.

The active ingredient in this product is 5% oxaborole. It is a type of Boron that can be naturally found in the environment or some food types. The effectiveness of the product, as well as its safety, has not been conducted yet. Therefore, there is limited information concerning this. The clinical tests on the active ingredient are also very limited.

In using this product, you have to apply it on the infected nail and beneath the nail using a dropper. This medication is to be used for 48 weeks to see amazing results. Even when the infections seem to have cleared, keep using the product. As you purchase the product, always inform your pharmacist of the medications you are on as a safety precaution.

Make Nail Fungus Disappear


Jublia is also an oxaborole. It has also been approved by FDA like Kerydine. This is a solution that has been advertised as one of the best topical solutions for treating the most stubborn fungal infections. Even so, the public does not seem to agree with this. The manufacturers boast of the product’s ability to penetrate the toenail effectively and effect change.

The active ingredient in this product is efinaconazole. It is a chemical that penetrates the toenail to the nail bed and eliminates the fungus. It is the only active ingredient present, but there are numerous other inactive ingredients like alcohol and anhydrous citric acid. These work as fillers for the solution.

In using this solution, you have to clean the infected toenail before use. After cleaning, dry it with a clean towel and wait for ten minutes before applying the Jublia. Apply the solution and let it dry. You should repeat this process every day for 48 weeks to get the best results.

Being new products in the market, a lot is expected from these two topical solutions. Even so, there is still more that needs to be done for them to match up to the standards of their top competitions. Therefore, before settling for these two new products, ensure that you have done extensive research.