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My updated Natural Nail Care Routine!

If you are looking for a natural nail treatment, it can be hard to know where to begin. Natural nails often have more health benefits than artificial nails. When considering the many options available for treating one’s nails, one important factor must be considered. Artificial nails are only temporary. If you continue to wear artificial […]

How To Prevent Ingrown Toenails

ingrown toenail infection

Onychocryptosis or unguis incarnates also known as ingrown toenails is a painful condition and one that is best prevented rather than having to be dealt with. It is when the corner of the toenail (usually of the big toe) digs into the skin as the nail curls causing swelling, pain and if not dealt with […]

4 Tips to Keep Toenails Healthy

Tips to Keep Toenails Healthy

How to keep toenails healthy – the first step is to avoid drying them out too much. Drying your toenails can weaken the bond between the nail bed, thereby weakening the health of your toenail. In addition, you should clean your nails regularly, not only to help keep them healthy, but also to prevent your […]

How Do You Know If Your Nails Are Healthy?

People often wonder, how do you know if your nails are healthy? Why would you want to know how to know if your nails are healthy? These are questions that many people ask, but they should also be asking how to know if your nails are healthy and how to avoid problems with them. There […]

How to Maintain Healthy Natural Nails

How to Maintain Healthy Natural Nails

How to maintain Healthy Natural Nails? Unless there are serious health complications, every individual has nail plates on their fingertips. Not only do they serve as a protective coverage for the soft underlying tissues, they also in no small measure add to the beauty of our fingers and hands at large. When you take good […]

9 Natural Tips on How to Get Healthy Fingernails

Tips on healthy nails

Knowing the answers to questions like, “What do my fingernails say about my health?” is important to identifying the signs of an underlying health problem and avoiding harmful treatments. Fingernails are a small type of toe, and every individual has his or her own style. When they’re healthy, they should be flat and not bend […]