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10 Natural Ways To Treat Toenail Fungus

Kills Toenail Fungus

The easiest natural ways to treat toenail fungus are, of course, the remedies that you can make yourself. These can include vinegar, tea tree oil and oregano oil. Vinegar is good because it contains a natural ingredient known as acetic acid. This acid helps to kill off the fungi, without harming the healthy cells in […]

Best Toenail Fungus Treatment – What Works Best?

Every toenail fungal infection needs to be addressed differently and as soon as possible. Depending on the extent and severity of the toenail fungus, there are various ways and means to cure and heal the unwanted issue. Treatment ranging from home remedies to medications to laser treatment under the guidance of a medical practitioner is available to own those […]

Top 5 Home Remedies For Nail Fungus

Characterized by yellowing and crumbling of the nail, nail fungal infection is one of the most embarrassing conditions that could affect your nails. While there are many modern medications that help, you deal with the condition, the side effects they come with just put you off. Here are the top 5 home remedies for nail fungal infections. […]

Treat Nail Fungus In Time To Save Your Nail

How do you treat nail fungus? A healthy and good-looking nail is a sign of health and personality. Imagine having toe nails that look thick, discolored and disfigured! Will you like them? No right? After permanent disfigurement of nails, not much can be done. Let us learn about how to prevent and treat nail fungus. Nail […]

How To Cure Toenail Fungus With Almond Oil?

Almond oil is anessential oil commonly used in beauty and skin care products as well as in aromatherapy. It is also an essential oil that can be used for curing toenail fungus, a common infection many people have, but which is tricky to treat because the fungus is hard to reach in the nail bed under […]

How To Cure Under Nail Fungus With Copaiba Oil?

If you are looking at options for curing under nail fungus how about one or a blend of essential oils. Curing under nail fungus is not easy – even prescribed treatment does not come with an absolute 100% success rate, recurrence is common and it often has some serious potential side effects to be concerned about. Natural […]

Using Laser For Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus is a common problem for many people, usually adults, but can be a pain to treat because topical treatments struggle to penetrate the nail and get to the fungus beneath, and systemic treatments are not always effective and have some serious side effects. But there are alternative treatments you can try, natural or […]

Acidophilus Beer Soak To Treat Toenail Fungus

A person can have toenail fungus for a long time and since it doesn’t affect their day to day life they ignore it for the most part. But there can be complications if it is ignored for too long, it can spread to other nails, and of course it means having to avoid wearing sandals, […]

How to Fix Weak Nails

How to Fix Weak Nails

Weak fingernails are those nails with defect or imperfections. In U.S. around 20% of its population has these weak and brittle nails. The main causes of these imperfections are environmental factors, improper diet, and medical conditions. To name a few of these diseases are psoriasis, Raynaud’s disease and disease of the lungs. All of these […]

How to Make Yellow Nails White

The number one factor of the discoloration of your fingernails and toenails is the frequent use of nail polish. It leaves yellow stains on your nails making them unsightly. Nail polishes especially the dark ones discolor the nails. It is important therefore to keep your nails look healthy because it shows that you take care […]