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How to Fix Weak Nails

How to Fix Weak Nails

Weak fingernails are those nails with defect or imperfections. In U.S. around 20% of its population has these weak and brittle nails. The main causes of these imperfections are environmental factors, improper diet, and medical conditions. To name a few of these diseases are psoriasis, Raynaud’s disease and disease of the lungs. All of these […]

10 Top Tips on How to Take Care of Weak Nails

How to Take Care of Weak Nails

If you have brittle and soft nails, this means that they are weak and not being taken cared of very well. Anyway there are several steps to help you recover the natural strength of your nails as well as its vitality. Although this may take a few weeks to see the results, you are sure […]

How to Treat Weak Nails with 9 Important Tips

Healthy and strong nails can be achieved by eating a proper diet. Lack of protein can make nails brittle and dry. Onychoschizia is the medical term for nails that are weak and brittle. This condition of the nails can also be the result of some medical illnesses. But most frequently onychoschizia is usually the cause […]