2 Easy Natural Home Remedy For Toenail Fungus

best natural home remedy for toenail

Among the many home remedies, many argue as to which is the best natural home remedy for toenail fungus – Vicks Vapor Rub or Vinegar. Nail fungus takes time to heal and if one opts for medical treatment from a physician it may turn out very expensive. Moreover doctors generally prescribe oral anti fungal medicines which have a lot of side effects and also have to be taken for a long time. Also the treatment is very expensive as nail fungus is stubborn and often reappears. 

Natural Home Remedy For Toenail Fungus

Natural Home Remedy For Toenail Fungus will not only cure your fungus, but you can also prevent them from coming back again. The hardest part of treating a fungal infection is actually preventing them from reoccurring, and even then, it may be difficult.

You have to remember that fungus live in and on nails, they are not something that just suddenly pops up out of nowhere. In fact, they are generally found under and around fingernails, so your toe nail fungus is most likely right under your nose. In order to get rid of the fungus, you need to find a cure that kills the fungus; as simple as that.

Vinegar Is A Readily Available Home Remedy

Toenail Fungus Treatment using Apple Cider Vinegar | FAST CHEAP CURE

The best natural home remedy for toenail fungus is vinegar. Toenail fungus makes the affected skin alkaline. Vinegar toenail fungus treatment is useful as it neutralizes the alkaline effect due to its acidic nature and causes healing. In fact it is used by skin specialists as an effective natural treatment for many skin problems. To treat toenail fungus with vinegar you have to soak the feet in its solution. After you take your feet out remember to dry them well because if the feet are left damp fungus can breed again on it. Many say that a quicker and more effective vinegar cure for toe nail fungus is to add two or three drops of it on the affected nail. It is a good natural remedy for toenail infection as it is effective, readily available and also safe being without side effects. 

Vicks Vapor Rub Cures Toenail Fungus Effectively

The Right Way To Use Vicks Vaporub for Toenail Fungus – Toenail Fungus Cure

Many believe that one of the best remedies for toenail fungus available at your home is Vicks Vapor Rub which has eucalyptus oil, camphor and other essential oils that work together to cure nail fungus. People often wonder as to how to cure toenail fungus with Vicks vapor rub.  Vicks has to be applied twice a day on the affected nail and left on it for sometime. Many apply it on the affected nails at bedtime after cleaning and drying their feet properly so that it can remain on the nail all night. Some people who have used Vicks vapor rub nail fungus treatment have found it to be effective and fast as well. After applying Vicks many have found the yellow color in the nails reducing in a few weeks. In a few months the affected nail looks better and as it grows out, the new pinkish nail takes its place. Many who have not found any relief by other treatments have found this simple home treatment a good alternative. Along with the best natural home remedy for toenail fungus some precautions should also be taken to cure this problem. For instance keep your feet and nails clean and dry. If the feet are wet, fungus can grow on it and spread. Also keep the nails short and don’t clip them too deep. Wear clean and dry shoes and socks of the right size. It is not advisable to use a band aid on the affected nails as it makes the area warm making it a  good spot for fungus growth. 

Some of the best natural home remedies for toenail fungus – vinegar and Vicks vapor rub are simple to use and can give positive results in a few months.

At the end of the day, nail care should be given due importance as it is considered one of the most neglected parts of the body. It is true that a lot of attention is given to the general hygiene and overall health but this does not help much if people continue to neglect the treatment of their nails. Nail biting or picking nails has become a common problem among many teenagers who become obsessed with caring for their fingernails and toenails. If you are too lazy to care for your nails, you might want to know some effective tips in nail care.