Olive & June Nail Polish Review

Olive & June Nail Polish Review

Clean, polished, and shiny nails aren’t only for taking stunning photos to share on Instagram They can make a huge difference in the impression you leave. It’s a fantastic opportunity to showcase your individuality or feel the way you’d like to.

There are so many nail polish brands available that choosing which one to choose is a daunting task even for even the most seasoned of us. There are many aspects to take into consideration, including strength, shine, and the level of cruelty. The Olive and the Juniper Nail polish are among the most popular brands that provide a fantastic mix of the qualities that nail polish enthusiasts want. This is a brand that we are confident in; we have used their products repeatedly and over, and all we can offer them is the love of.

Olive And June

Established around seven years ago, in 2013, Olive and June is now an extremely sought-after and sought-after nail salon of L.A. Sarah Gibson’s obsession with manicures was the inspiration for the brand. The salon’s mission was to offer every woman personalized and luxurious nail services at a low price. After a few months, the salon has noticed an important need in the market; the requirement for their customers to enjoy an extremely simple and stylish manicure at home. Their website says the following “we believe no matter who you are, where you live, what you do, or what you wear, you can have a perfect manicure that makes you feel your best self”.

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In the year 2019, Olive and June released their nail polish line to address the main issue of not being able to easily create a flawless manicure at home.

While Olive, as well as June’s nail polishes, maybe some of the most recent items in the nail industry, they are adored and adored by a lot of people. The most distinctive feature of this nail polish line is the possibility it provides nail enthusiasts to perform the manicure themselves to maintain a stunning professional appearance.

Olive and June Nail Polish - Perfect Home Manicure Experience

While it’s wonderful to go to the nail salon to have an expert complete your manicure – you’re certain that there won’t be any mess. You will receive precisely what you want, or better than that. And most importantly, you will get an expert’s advice but it’s not the most affordable option. In addition to the expense, the time factor is another major obstacle to going to an establishment for nail care. Even for the top nail salons where the price isn’t a major issue but the time may not always be available. Additionally, the circumstances might not permit such as when we have seen coronavirus lockdown. It is, therefore, crucial to be able to apply your manicure at home whenever you’d like.

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Olive the June’s nail polishes effortlessly seem to be genuine. The glossy, rich color, stunning shine, good quality, as well as awe-inspiring degree are just a few features that draw nail polish lovers to this Olive as well as June. In the end, being able to get a professional-looking manicure at home with minimal effort and in a brief time is the most appealing feature for the majority of people who appreciate this brand.

It is this instrument that creates this distinction in your home usage in the use of Olive as well as June polish. Within 15 minutes or less your nails will look as if you’ve had just have left an appointment.

Olive and June Polish Kits and Shades of Nail Polish

The Olive and June nail polish is usually sold via the official site as a component of other manicure products. The three mani kits available to choose out include The Treat Yourself Box, The Studio Box, and The Studio Box. Each kit includes many different items such as those: Olive as well as June Nail Polish, Olive & June Topcoat and Nail polish removal tool, nail file nail clipper, poppy, and more. Before placing your order, you can select the exact shade or color of nail polish that you wish to have in the kit. The products they offer comprise BEB, CCT, CHM, MM, HZ, Aw, RP, CDJ, HD, ECC, Bright & Focused, and numerous others.

How to use Olive and June Nail Polish

With a history of serving thousands of clients at the salon they run, Olive & June has plenty of experience in manicure, including the most common mistakes that people make. They advise clients to follow the steps below to get a perfect manicure at home.

  • Make sure you have your tools in place
  • Find a flat surface to lay on and an appropriate position
  • Cleanse your nails
  • File and clip the nails
  • Remove hangnails and smooth cuticles
  • It is then an opportunity to finish: painting dry paint, dry; top coat dry, dry dry
  • Then, apply cuticle gel all over the nails.

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How secure Is Olive as well as June Nail Polish?

June and Olive nail polishes are among the most vegan nail polishes available. They are free of cruelty and contain no 7 ingredients. The formula is free of the following harmful chemicals such as xylene, camphor, toluene, and ethyl tosylamide. formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin and dibutyl phthalate (DBP).

By using Olive as well as June polishes the nails are shielded from the harmful effects of conventional nail polishes and keep your nails in good shape. Apart from the elimination of harmful chemicals from the formula Olive and June nail polishes are easy to take off, meaning it isn’t necessary to purchase hard chemicals or even scrape your nails to get rid of the polish. Additionally, it won’t stain your nails.

How long will it last? Olive or June Nail Polish?

Since Olive & June polishes happen to be made from vegan ingredients and are a fair assumption to suppose that they won’t last for long since this is the case with the majority of vegan nail polishes.

Olive & June has received many accolades for its remarkable endurance. At first look, online reviews may appear to be too impressive to be true, but it’s precisely what it says on the tin. Many users reported that the polish could last up to 3 weeks, which is impressive. While we cannot claim the fact that Olive & June nail polish will last longer than 21 days, it’s extremely possible based on how you approach the use and maintenance.

According to the company’s founder, Olive and June nail polish that is produced in Korea has higher durability as a result it has a higher amount of resin. This is the reason for its hard and chalky texture that will even out after two coats. So, if it is applied properly and then followed by an additional coat Olive May and June polish will last at most two weeks without chipping particularly if the topcoat is applied every couple of days. It will maintain its shine and stay true to the shade.

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Strategies to make Olive as well as June nail Polish last longer

The frustration of having the polish chip on within the same day or on the second day that you apply it isn’t easily expressed in words. Olive and June nail polish promises longer than one week of wear without chipping. To make sure your Olive and June nail polish maintains its shine and professional look lasting up to 10 consecutive days follow these things:

  • Cut and file your nails thoroughly: Having longer nails will drastically reduce the amount of time that polish lasts because each contact will weaken the intramolecular bonds of the polish. Additionally, ridges can increase chipping. Therefore, cut your nails down to the fingertips and file the ridges in a timely manner.
  • Keep your hands and nails moisturized the mails: dryness in mails could cause chipping or cracking. Regularly moisturize to prevent this, for instance, after showering or washing your hands.
  • Use a primer A base coat can help make a great bond to the nail and to polish, thereby decreasing the chance of a crack or chip.
  • Apply a topcoat isn’t only used to give the polish a shiny appearance but also helps seal the polish, thus improving its durability
  • Make sure to give each coat time to ensure proper curing one of the most common causes of messy manicures is a lack of patience. If you don’t let the polish dry in a proper manner it will leave you extremely frustrated as your time, effort, and money will be wasted. Following each application, allow ample time to allow the polish to cure prior to making the subsequent coat.
  • Apply the second coat every couple of days. This can add a few days more to the durability of the polish and keep the shiny and smooth appearance.

Take note of: Always maintain your nails in the optimal condition to enjoy a long time of the best polish wear. Make sure you give your nails a daily break in polish to let them breathe.


Olive & June Nail Polish is an amazing nail polish company. It is a brand that you’ll be able to perform your manicure from peace and comfort at your own home without sacrificing any quality improvement. Their nail care products ensure that you will not only save money, you’ll also reduce energy and time. It’s non-toxic and will effortlessly take off your nail. If you’re looking for a lavish nail shine in the convenience of your own home and at a low cost, then you might consider trying Olive & June Nail Polish out.

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