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How to Make Yellow Nails White

The number one factor of the discoloration of your fingernails and toenails is the frequent use of nail polish. It leaves yellow stains on your nails making them unsightly. Nail polishes especially the dark ones discolor the nails. It is important therefore to keep your nails look healthy because it shows that you take care […]

How to Fix Yellow Nails – 7 Steps to Repair the Problem

How to Fix Yellow Nails

There are many causes of discolored nails which make them yellowish. Some of these are smoking and the use of nail lacquers. Both of these can cause nail staining making nails a light to deep yellow color. Wearing dark nail colors is also one cause of discoloration. Smoking and the constant use of dark nail […]

How to Get Rid of Yellow Fingernails Using Household Items

How To Whiten Yellow Nails in Easy Steps

Yellow fingernails are unsightly thus causing someone to hide their hands. However, one can reduce the yellowish color of fingernails and whiten them with a little effort. The first thing you must do is to find out the cause of the yellowish color so that you will know the best treatment so as to restore […]