Winter and Toenail Fungus Myth and Facts

nail fungus in winter time

Winter is coming soon. And since in this blog we’re talking about foot care, you may wonder what’s winter have to do with toenail fungus? Toenail fungus is a condition that afflicts 1 out of 10 people in the world, perhaps, by chance you’re one of the sufferers. If that so, don’t be discouraged, it’s best to know more about nail fungus so you can combat it effectively. So let’s discuss the myth and facts surrounding nail fungus in winter time.

Myths and Facts

Myth #1:

You don’t have to do much footcare during the winter because it’s dry.


On the contrary, during winter you have to put extra effort in foot care. Because during winter chances are your feet are kept in the dark for months on end due to the cold weather. Gues what? Toenail fungus LOVES dark and moist environment.

Myth #2:

Summer and winter is the same for toenail fungus’ growth rate.


Toenail fungus infection is statistically proven to be more worse during the winter month. Also, the chance that you’ll get afflicted with the disease is significantly increased.

Myth #3:

Nail fungus will disappear by itself during summer. It’s just a winter thing.


This one is really wrong. During summer, not only will you suffer from nail fungus, but without the correct treatment you can be sure that the condition will be worse. Think of it this way, forget using flip-flops during the summer, because you wouldn’t want people to see your yellow-smelly nails.

The conclusion is, don’t prepare for damage control at summer. During winter, it’s the best time to do the prevention or treatment for nail fungus. In a couple months, when summer come, you can be sure that you will have a wonderful nails to show off at the beach!

Do you have any inputs on foot-care during winter? Feel free to comment. Let’s share some tips and tricks!

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