Top 5 Signs Your Toenail Fungus May Have Escalated to an Infection

A small case of toenail fungal infection is a common ritual that you must endure You quickly realize that you should never walk without shoes in a locker or shared shower space again and always bring clean socks. What happens when the problem with your toenails extends beyond a nagging smell and a yellowed appearance?

The Nail Care Hub which has locations at Wheat Ridge, Granby, Evergreen as well as Arvada, Colorado, our team of podiatrists as well as Foot and Ankle surgeons offer care for fungal nail infections and many more. They believe in teaching patients about the care of their nails and skin to allow them to prevent common issues and ensure their feet are strong and healthy.

Toenail fungus 101

Warm, humid environments can breed the fungus in an unnatural way and your nail bed is you in the best way as far as toenail fungus is in the picture. If the fungus gets an unwavering hold on your nail, you could be left with a serious infection.

The chances of contracting a fungus on your toenails are increased if you:

  • In locker rooms, walk around in bare feet
  • Have you had the recurring foot of an athlete
  • You may have an issue with your circulation to your feet as well as toes
  • Do you ever share your nail clippers or socks with others?
  • The tendency is to sweat heavily.
  • Do not change your socks or keep the same shoes every time.

Five signs that your toenail fungus is going to the next level

You should visit the podiatrist when you experience any of these grave signs of fungal nail infections:

1. Nail color changes

If your nail becomes white, chalky, or yellow, that’s not an ideal sign. If it becomes green or brown, that’s an indication of something wrong. It indicates that the fungus is out of hand, and your toe is afflicted.

2. Nail position changes

If your nail begins to curve upwards or downwards and upwards, you should be worried. If it starts to separate from the bed there’s a serious issue. It’s a sign that the bond between your finger and nail is damaged through an infection.

3. Nail texture alters

If your nail is broken and brittle it’s an indication that the fungal infection is altering the makeup of your nail. If it gets soft and chalky and begins to break down the infection is likely to get more serious.

4. The smell of nails shifts

The smell of feet is unpleasant however if an unpleasant smell is emanating out of your nail, then it’s most likely the result of a fungus. If you notice a strong odor even after a thorough scrub there’s a good chance that it’s an infection that has gotten out of control.

5. Nail sensation changes

Your nails might feel sensitive in the event that you’re walking frequently, or if your shoes aren’t big enough however, pain that is felt from the nail bed could result due from a fungal infection. It is a sign that you require medical care.