What to do When You have a Toenail Fungus

DO NOT WAIT! A very popular ways to act when someone has an infection in the toenail is to sit and wait. Most of the time , these infections do not cause pain but if not treated, they could cause pain and painful toes. If you wait, the issue become more severe. From my personal experience, addressing the issue as soon as you can instead of delaying it is the most effective method of treatment.

My toenail fungus began with athlete’s foot. The years of neglect had caused the fungus to spread to the soles of both my feet. It eventually found its way into my toes. If I had taken care of the foot of an athlete and not suffered from this horrible fungal infection of my toes. Fortunately, my many years of testing and testing products have helped me know what is the best for my needs.

In order to effectively fight fungus begin today. Shop around for the products you’ll require and adhere to the plan. The cost of $50 today is worth it to prevent embarrassing moments in the future. Keep up with the application of the creams and don’t be discouraged. Skin fungus is treated quickly, but if it is on the nails, you must be patient. It is better to eliminate the fungus on the skin first because it allows you to concentrate your attention on your nails. The following parts of this article will discuss the use of solutions and treatments.

List of Treatments

Name:Treatment Type:
Vick’s Vapor RubAt-Home Remedy
Laser TreatmentAt Doctor’s Office
Sporanox/LamisilPrescription Medication
TolnaftateAt-Home OTC Cream Treatment
Probelle “Extra Strength” Natural Nail GelAt-Home Natural Treatment
Tea Tree OilAt-Home Natural Treatment
Manuka OilAt-Home Organic Treatments

What I Recommend

It’s not all the products I would recommend to use made it to the above list. In the options, some that are the ones with the highest effectiveness I have found to be effective for me was an amalgamation with Tolnaftate cream as well as tea tree oils. I provide more details about the ways I use such products. One of the products which didn’t appear on the list but that is efficient is organic foot balms along with tea tree oil as a foot scrub. This combination of products speeded up the treatment.

The method that worked well for my dad is included. He tried at first Lotrimin but it turned out to be ineffective for treating nail fungus. In addition, the cost of it at the local pharmacies was expensive. He later went to a brand named Fungi-Nail. Although it’s not listed however, it worked for his needs. He applied the liquid version using brushes. The bottle clearly states that it will not treat the fungal nail infections. In some strange way, it was able to achieve a small amount of positive result using it.

The breakthrough came when he utilized Probelle Nail Gel. The nails looked thin, chalky, yellow and actually curled. It appeared as if they had used a nail curler. They were disgusting looking. However, he remained with Probelle and was extremely faithful in his application. He was able to completely cure his toenail fungus after a few months! It was amazing to watch him in flip-flops and with his brand new nails.

For more information regarding the exact procedure and methods we used to eliminate nail and foot fungus, go here.