Whats the cause of my toe fungus

One of the most common myths of toe fungus is that it only manifests itself, but this isn’t the case. There are actually many different ways that a person could be affected by a nail fungal infection. There are a number of most common reasons people develop nail fungus, which we’ll examine in the following.

Athlete’s Foot

The most frequent ways to contract a fungal infection is through athlete’s foot, which can spread across on the bottom of your shoes and onto your toes. It is possible to contract athlete’s foot in a variety of different ways , but it’s most likely because of sweaty feet playing sports. It can also be acquired by wearing shoes for a long time and sweaty feet. The humid conditions allow bacteria to flourish.

It is essential to ensure your feet are fresh and dry. Change your socks regularly. If you are suffering from sweaty feet , then you should consider investing in a foot powder to keep your feet dry. If you are suffering from athlete’s foot, purchase an oil-based foot wash that has tea tree oil as well as OTC cream.


Incorrectly fitting shoes regardless of whether they’re too big or too small, could cause toenail fungal infection. The back and forth friction can cause injury to the nails, which could cause fungal infections. Additionally, if something weighty falls on your foot, and it damages nails, it could put your foot at risk for infection. It is essential to wear well-fitting shoes and protect your feet from injury.

Public Showers and Pools

Showers and pools, due to their humid surroundings can be place for the growth of fungus and bacteria. This is why a large number of people get toenail fungus. Showers in public are usually only cleaned every day, which means that the bacteria has an opportunity to develop and when someone comes to it, they are afflicted. This is the reason it is essential to wear flip-flops and create an insulating layer between yourself and the fungus.


There are specific indicators that indicate that you are suffering from a nail fungal infection or athlete’s feet. Toenail fungus can alter the color and appearance that your nails. The toenail can be different in texture and could also be covered with ridges or pits on the nail. The gradual changes in the smoothness the nail and discoloration usually suggests that you may are suffering from a fungal nail infection. The following are typical signs that are associated with nail fungus:

  • Nail discoloration (typically black, white or yellow and sometimes green)
  • The texture changes on the nails (grooves or ridges within the nail)
  • Brittleness or chalkiness
  • Thickness
  • Foul Smell
  • Dry Skin
  • Itchiness

Here’s a list of the symptoms of foot problems for athletes:

  • Dry, flaky, itchy skin, especially around the sides of the feet.
  • Foul odor
  • Redness
  • Irritation
  • Cracking in the feet
  • Stinging and burning, mainly between the toes
  • Skin irritations that cause blisters.
  • Nails that are squishy

Treatment Options

A single of the important aspects I cannot overstate is the need to not delay in treating it if you suffer from fungal infections. This advice comes from my own experience since I’ve experienced the difficulty it is to treat if it is not treated. When it comes to treatment there are several avenues you could take.

At-Home Remedies

If detected early enough, cases of fungal infections can be treated using everyday household products like Vinegar or the Vick’s Vapor rub. One of the least expensive treatments available is using at-home remedies, however, they differ in their effectiveness.

I’ve had a variety of success with home remedies at home. I would advise that you only try at-home remedies if the fungus has been discovered early or is a mild situation. If you suffer from a more severe fungus, then I would recommend you look into the products I believe to be the most effective treatment for nail fungal infections. I discuss what has worked for me and the treatments I tried, along with the products my father used to treat his toenail fungus was present for more than 15 years.


If the fungus that you have on your toes is serious and is among the most serious cases of the disease, visiting your doctor for oral medications could be the best solution. It is also typically used for severe cases. There are some drawbacks to this medication, though.

One of the drawbacks of prescription medications for toenail the fungus is that it demands you to have your blood tested frequently prior to, throughout and after the course of the drug. This is due to the fact that the drug may cause liver issues. Oral medications aren’t the “silver bullet” for nail fungus. Similar to all the other treatments available, some can be effective for certain individuals, but do not work for other.

Another thing to take into consideration is the possibility need to purchase the medication because insurance won’t cover it. This means that you will be required pay for the treatments out of your own your pocket.

Over the Counter Creams

One thing that I noticed when shopping for creams in pharmacies was that I have had success with these creams. The challenge was determining the ones that eliminated this fungus in a complete way. Another issue was that once I discovered an effective cream but I was wondering how to keep purchasing the cream without breaking the bank?

My dad and me suffered from toenail fungus. We had tried using various creams. It was a long time before we had tried the Lotramin cream for many years. I finally gave up, and he too. He later cured the fungus that was causing yellow nails with a natural cure which I will talk about in the future.

I visited my doctor and he recommended me three tubes of the cream clortizamole. It was effective while the tubes lasted , but they were not long-lasting. I visited the local drugstore and sell these creams at $20, $15, or the price of $30 per tube which barely lasts me one week!

I conducted more research and wrote a full article about the creams that I actually used to clear my nails. I will be describing exactly what products and equipment I employed to treat toenail fungus. My personal experience says that yes, OTC creams do work however, you must ensure that you get the best ones.

Organic Remedies

Today we have become aware of the benefits and efficacy of natural cures. I am a firm believer in the benefits of organic treatments and the elimination of the toe fungus.

There are plenty of useful natural remedies available but be cautious of certain products. I tried a variety of natural oils and foot washes and recorded what I found to be effective. According to my findings, mixing natural remedies along with OTC cream is among the best options available. If you want to learn more about natural cures, click here. It is also possible to read about how I incorporated several products to create the most efficient nail fungus treatment.