How to Get Rid of Yellow Fingernails Using Household Items

How To Whiten Yellow Nails in Easy Steps

Yellow fingernails are unsightly thus causing someone to hide their hands. However, one can reduce the yellowish color of fingernails and whiten them with a little effort. The first thing you must do is to find out the cause of the yellowish color so that you will know the best treatment so as to restore your nail to a whiter color. The most common causes of yellow fingernails are nail fungus, staining from dark nail polish and smoking. Applying color nail polish without a base coat and not removing nail polish before reapplying can also cause stains. It is important to remove the dark polish first and buff the discolored nails carefully. There are also several home remedies to whiten your nails with the use of some common household items. Here is how to get rid of yellow fingernails.

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Tip #1: Using Baking Soda or Toothpaste

Household products like a paste of baking soda and water or toothpaste with whitening agents can help eliminate yellowing of the fingernails. With the use of a toothbrush, gently brush the toothpaste and baking soda mixture over your nails. The bleaching agent helps restore the natural color of your nails.

Tip #2: Using Lemon Juice and White Vinegar

Make a mixture of lemon juice and water and soak your fingernails into the mixture for around 15 minutes. Lemons contain acid which can reduce yellowing. You can also use white vinegar to soak your nails. It has also some acids in it.

Tip #3: Using Hydrogen Peroxide

Swabbing 3% hydrogen peroxide under and over the nails can help whiten them. You can also dissolve a denture tablet in water where you can soak your fingernails. Be sure to rinse your hands well whatever treatment you use and don’t forget to moisturize them once your nails are already dry.

Tip #4: Using Nail Polish

Try to give your nails also some time off from nail polish. This way you can get rid of yellow fingernails. Over using of nail polish can also make nails brittle.

Tip #5: Using Oral Medication

Once your nails have fungus in it, which is commonly brown or yellow, have a treatment at once. Untreated nail fungus will get worst if not treated. Consult a podiatrist who can recommend an oral medication that can improve your nail condition. There are over-the-counter nail fungus treatment but they are not usually as effective.

Tip #6: Using “Quit Smoking” Policies

For a chain smoker, the best way to reduce nail yellowing is to quit smoking. Now, you can see how simple and easy to reduce yellow nails. It is also inexpensive to restore your natural nail color.

So as to avoid yellow nails in the future, you can apply a clear nourishing base coat under your nail polish to protect the nails from becoming yellow and brittle as well. If using the above procedure cannot help the nails from improving, maybe you have nail infection therefore it is advisable for you to visit your doctor for immediate treatment.

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